Shenington Round 9

Championship Round 9, 21stSeptember 2014

Some of the closest racing all season drivers fight for the championship

The Senior X30 final was the best of the day with constant lead swapping throughout between Chris Renwick, Danny Keirle, Harrison Newey and Jacop Stilp.Eventually Keirle prevailed over Stilp and Newey. Four drivers traded the club IAME Cadet lead but Dominic Bush vaulted from fourth to win over Caden McQueen. In the concurrent Comer Cadet section Jonathan Lawrence was out ahead for the whole race, but with Charlie Webster pressing on him all the time. Keaton Samra and Jonathan Robertson broke away at the start of the Honda Cadet fi nal and were soon joined by Georgi Dimitrov whilst Robertson was dropped. Joshua Martin had been hung out to dry on the first lap but he stormed back up to the front. Samra made a well-judged move on the last lap for the win over Dimitrov and Martin.

The Junior TKM final had Arran Mills sporting his new Number 1 plate for winning the ABkC National championship, and his winning ways continued despite a brief trade with Shea Pearce. Thomas Broadley would have been third but was excluded for a non-compliance gifting the position to Sam Munro. Joshua Sheriff was underweight. Andrew Wong eked out a gap over Quintin Hayward in the Junior Max category but the la. er retired leaving the way clear for Sam Stansbury to roar into contention and slice into the lead. Two more exchanges and Wong just took the win by a tenth of a second. Scott Hughes was The MiniMax started further back with Kieran Wragg enjoying an unchallenged victory, seven seconds clear of Brooke Childs.Tamzyn Buckley managed third ahead of Thomas Edmunds. Ross Allen had to fight hard to defend his lead from team-mate Alex Burrows in the 250 National class.A good start sealed Allen’s kart the hole shot, but Burrows was on his tail, diving in close behind on the slower corners with Allen easing out a small gap on the 100mph straight.The win was by 3 tenths of a second after 16 laps, Max Buckley in third. Dan Kelly started well in the 125cc gearbox category, chased by Ian Thomson until Thomson’s sprocket moved and threw the chain. That left Stephen Tyldsley as runner-up.

Jack Monkhouse was a runaway winner in TKM Extreme, enjoying a 13s advantage over Joshua Makepeace.The Clubman category was very contentious as Max Goldsmith was black fl agged out of the lead for a jumped start.Both the front row drivers had received warnings about jump starts on the grid. Goldsmith received a verbal warning. That left Tom Longfield as a comfortable winner over Colin Morris with Josh Waring running close, everyone else lapped by the Extreme winner. The Rotax Max final for seniors, the last of the day, was an exciting race but with terrible driving standards displayed. James Johnson’s large initial lead was eliminated then he was black flagged. Harrison Wignall was also fl agged in a. er missing part of the track twice. He had his licence suspended due to abusive behaviour. After all that Sam Ward come out on top of a dice with Philip Rawson and Luke Griffen by the tiniest of margins.