TVKC PF International, February

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Thomas TurnerPFi was a popular place to be in February with close to 250 entries and two grids for IAME, Honda and Minimax.

61 drivers entered IAME Cadet and results from the two qualifying sessions were alternated as the times were more than 101% different due to varying track conditions. Session 2 was faster and Kiern Jewiss took pole with Lewis Thompson 2nd overall and fastest in the second session.

Joe Turney gained four places to win Prefinal A after attacking his team-mate Jewiss. Jonny Edgar was 3rd, closing right up to Turney and Jewiss as they fought. Owen Byatt held his nerve at the front of Prefinal B while leading a breakaway including Tom Wood and Josh Rafferty.

Wood and Jewiss were the main protagonists of the final with Wood getting clear of the pack a few laps from the end. Thompson unfortunately retired with five laps to go and Zac Robertson moved up to 2nd but wasn’t close enough to challenge Wood. Jewiss was 3rd, holding off a hard-charging group until the flag. Turney’s start wasn’t optimal and he ended up 8th but was fastest.

Oliver Bearman came out on top of a more even set of qualifying sessions in Honda Cadet, ahead of Luke Whitehead and Chris Lulham. Harry Thompson won Prefinal A from Matthew Hopcraft, while Connor Grady headed the field early on. Mark Kimber saw off O Plate holder Myles Apps and Jenson Butterfield to win Prefinal B. Thompson was the lights-to-flag winner of the final as well with Kimber, Grady and Hopcraft never far behind.

With a 1.5s gap behind Dean Macdonald in the second session and Thomas Turner in the first, the Minimax times were alternated. Jordan Cane was 3rd, but still a quarter second behind Macdonald in the same session. Macdonald was beaten by Lucas Vaus in Prefinal A in a three-way battle for the lead including Cane. Ed Hack came up from 2nd on the grid to lead throughout in Prefinal B while Turner was relegated to 3rd by Rory Hudson. Turner won a wild final, albeit helped by Macdonald’s penalty and Vaus’s exclusion from 1st and 2nd for an incident that could have caused a major pile-up. Hack was a couple of seconds behind.

Tom Gamble started February as he finished January in Junior Rotax, heading qualifying clearly ahead of Stef Charalambous and Dave Wooder. A bad start in the prefinal for Gamble allowed Wooder to take the win by 2s from Sandy Mitchell. Wooder led all the way in the final, controlling the race well and gradually pulling away from Charalabous.

The AIM duo of Brett Ward and Thomas Arme topped Senior Rotax qualifying. Arme led the prefinal early on before Ward then Nathan Aston took over at the front and Arme dropped to 5th. Ward took the lead at the start of the final but Aston quickly regained control and pulled away by several tenths a lap.

There were 12 Junior X30s this month, again running with Junior TKM. Daniel McAuley took pole overall from Alfie Brown and the top TKM was Alex Forward. Gus Lawrence won the prefinal after dispatching Brown and McAuley, and Forward won TKM but with George Sutton gaining. Lawrence again won the final after fighting with McAuley and Harry Whittaker, with Whittaker keeping the pressure on throughout. Forward won TKM, holding off Arran Mills who was next to him on the line and a total of six drivers in contention.

In Senior X30 Chad Little on a Gillard topped qualifying 0.3s ahead of Andrew Rees-Reynolds on a CRG. Rees-Reynolds took the prefinal ahead of Jacob Stilp and Harrison Newey but the final winner was Corby Gormley, but with Little, Rees-Reynolds and Newey in the same second over the line.

IAME Cadet
1 Tom Wood Zip
2 Zac Robertson Zip +0.52s
3 Kiern Jewiss Zip +1.70s
4 Alexander McDade Zip +0.06s
5 Albert Carter Zip +0.01s

Honda Cadet
1 Harry Thompson Project One
2 Mark Kimber BRK +0.15s
3 Connor Grady Project One +0.05s
4 Matthew Hopcraft Zip +0.11s
5 Myles Apps Zip +2.32s

1 Thomas Turner Alonso
2 Ed Hack Gillard +2.12s
3 Luke Wooder Tony +0.68s
4 Jack Young Tony +0.10s
5 Rory Hudson Tony +0.41s

Junior Rotax
1 Dave Wooder Alonso
2 Stef Charalambous Tony +0.78s
3 Will Shaw Tony +4.31s
4 Josh Skelton Tony +0.2s
5 Sandy Mitchell Tony +0.92s

Senior Rotax
1 Nathan Aston Tony
2 Jamie Dzyra Tony +7.85s
3 Adam Glear Kosmic +0.57s
4 Jack Bartholomew Tony +0.95s
5 Danny Cruttenden ART +0.35s

Junior X30 & TKM
1 Gus Lawrence Mach 1/X30
2 Harry Whittaker Tony/X30 +0.19s
3 Daniel McAuley Tony/X30 +0.40s
4 Alfie Brown Tony/X30 +0.20s
5 Bryony King Tony/X30 +0.28s

Senior X30
1 Corby Gormley CRG
2 Chad Little Gillard +0.35s
3 Andrew Rees-Reynolds CRG +0.20s
4 Harrison Newey Wright +0.08s
5 Ryan Green DR +0.59s