Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship Round 2 Report

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X30 Junior

Kicking off round two finals was X30 Junior with 34 drivers lined up on the grid! At the start a small incident at turn two saw many drivers delayed including polesitter, Louie Westover. Getting through unscathed was Matthew Biry and Axel La Flamme who now had a comfortable lead with Henry Laws 3rd. La Flamme soon took front seat, but six laps in hit problems which eventually became terminal all of which gifted a healthy lead to Biry. Thomas Bryne and Piers Henderson now filled the podium spots, but were being chased hard by Westover and Luke Whitehead. The pair were quick, but ran out of time to catch Bryne and Henderson who also failed to catch Biry. The Litchfield Motorsport driver won by just under a second.

Matthew Biry takes the flag
Matthew Biry takes the flag

Mini Max

There were three main contenders for the win in Mini Max they were, Alex Lloyd, Alex Eades and Lewis Gilbert. It was Gilbert who was the last of the three, despite entering and racing in Junior max as well,but he was quickest on track and eventually hit the front on lap 12. Eades hovered around half a second behind the pair as the last lap board went out and the inevitable battle took place. Lloyd used his experience to get back through and as Gilbert went for the win at the boot he lost momentum and found Eades slipping through on the exit. Lloyd took the win with Kai Hunter 4th.

Alex Lloyd heads out for the final
Alex Lloyd heads out for the final

X30 Mini

Similar to round one it was Georgi Dimitrov and Kai Askey who were leading from the front in the final but were set to be joined in their lead battle this time. Quickest on track was their Fusion teammate Tom Edgar who had BKC Racing’s, Harry Garman just behind. As Edgar started to close in Askey decided to hit the front, but Dimitrov was having none of it and immediately got his lead back. Now in traffic Edgar’s progress was briefly halted and the four drivers were covered by less than a second going onto the last lap. Coming down to turn six Edgar squeezed past Askey and as Askey got the run onto the back straight he came across to defend valiantly all of which allowed Garman to steal 3rd from Askey. Dimitrov took the win with Edgar 2nd, but you had to feel sorry for Askey who may have felt hard done by.

Georgi Dimitrov
Georgi Dimitrov

IAME Cadet

Taylor Barnard continued his domination in the IAME Cadet class with another comfortable win as he went on to beat his 33 competitors by a hugely impressive 4.8 seconds! At the moment it’s hard to see how Barnard can get beaten, he was certainly helped by a great start but he also set the fastest lap with no tow and no assistance. Impressive stuff! Behind, Maxwell Dodds was the man on the move, from 8th on the grid he moved his way through to 2nd place at the flag. Freddie Slater was running 3rd going onto the last lap, but was passed by Alfie Hodges who took a podium and Alex Dunne with Slater finishing 5th place.

Final words before the start of the race
Final words before the start of the race for Taylor Barnard

X30 Senior

The reigning Junior X30 Champion, Jac Maybin perhaps took some by surprise when he lined up on pole in one of the most competitive grids I have ever seen at Whilton Mill. Maybin got off to a perfect start and immediately broke clear at the front with Jamie Tyler in 2nd. Tyler had a busy queue of karts behind which contained Gus Lawrence, Lewis King, Lewis Malin and Josh Thompson to name a few! Once Tyler was passed by Lawrence he started a dip in the order and he was never quite able to recover with the entire chasing pack eventually passing the JDR driver. Thomas Turner, was quickest on track and eventually got through to 4th. Back to the front and Lawrence was chasing down Maybin with King not too far behind. The newest Strawberry Racing driver eventually caught Maybin on the last lap and perhaps being slightly incautious he left to door open and Lawrence needed no second invitation to go through and take the win! Maybin had to settle for 2nd with King 3rd, Tuner 4th and Thompson 5th.

X30 Senior podium
X30 Senior podium (left to right), Jac Maybin, Gus Lawrence & Lewis King

Junior Max

Tyler Chesterton looked the strong favourite to take victory in the Junior final after he got into a comfortable lead from the front row. However, any chance of victory was short lived when he retired with terminal problems on lap four. Taking his place at the front was Bradley Barrett who had Tommy Foster almost two seconds behind. However, Foster started to make the Barrett camp nervous as he started to take huge chunks out of Barrett’s lead, but given the hurry up Barrett responded with personal best laps to quickly stop any challenges to go and take victory. Foster was 2nd with Clayton Ravnescroft taking consecutive podiums in 3rd place.

Junior drivers heading up to the line
Junior drivers heading up to the line

Honda Cadet

The most dramatic and entertaining final came in the shape of Honda Cadet. Oliver Bearman briefly took the lead but after just three laps at the front Lucas Ellingham and his Global Karting teammates, Ivan Lomliev and Joshua McLean soared away.Soon to be joined by Archie Brown and Theo Micouris sitting in 5th impressively closing in on the four-kart train despite punching his own hole in the air. After eight laps Brown started to pass the Global drivers picking off Lomliev and McLean is successive laps, but before he had any chance of going for the win he was involved in an incident at turn six which also saw McLean and Lomliev delayed. All of which allowed Micouris to go through to 2nd, and once there he caught Ellingham heading up to turn three on the last lap. Ellingham, who was 5th in last year’s British Championship, used all of his experience to defend and with Micouris unwilling to take any unnecessary risks they finished in that order with Alfie Rigby taking an impressive 3rd!

It was another packed grid in Honda Cadet
It was another packed grid in Honda Cadet

Senior Max

Finishing the afternoon’s racing was Senior Max and it was great to see a grid of Senior’s back after a lengthy absence. Dan Bushell led from the front as he had been doing for most of the day. He controlled the race and showed great maturity as he went quicker, when needed, to win by a fairly comfortable margin at the flag. Behind Joe Bleackley had a great battle with Kearn Tsang for 2nd place which eventually ended with Bleackley taking the place almost mounting a challenge on Bushell, but ran out of time to seriously worry Bushell. The battle for 4th went to the wire, Peter Griffin was clearly impatient with Louis Large and in his attempts to get by on the last lap lost his 5th place to Jack Tritton who also matched Tsang’s fastest lap of the race.

Senior Max made their return to Whilton after a lengthy absence
Senior Max made their return to Whilton after a lengthy absence

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Stu Stretton

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