Whilton Mill Kart Club Round 2 Race Report

Mini Max

From pole Alex Lloyd quickly established himself a half a second lead and from there set consistent fastest laps eventually going on to win by 3.8 seconds. Behind Clayton Ravenscroft looked second quickest on track and was hunting down Ben Burgess. By lap 11 the chase was complete and Ravenscroft went through dropping Burgess to 3rd. Post race Burgess received a 10 place penalty for a drop down front bumper promoting Piers Henderson onto the podium.

Clayton Ravenscroft
Clayton Ravenscroft

Honda Cadet

Harry Garman made the best start from pole, in Honda Cadet, but couldn’t hold off Harry Thompson who came charging through on the opening lap. Things got worse for Garman as he lost 2nd to Ellingham a couple laps later with Ellingham then taking the lead on lap 5. But it was short lived as Garman re took his lead with the podium positions behind now constantly changing. All of which helped 3rd place starter Reggie Duhy who looked the fastest on track and by lap 10 was in line for a podium finish. Going onto the last lap Garman’s lead stood at 0.9 seconds and with pressure behind 2nd place driver Thompson decided to give up his bid for the lead and defended 2nd position. He had four drivers crawling all over the back of him but was just able to hold on with Duhy 3rd, Stevenson 4th, Ellingham 5th and Lomliev 6th.

Close racing in Honda Cadet
Close racing in Honda Cadet

Junior Max

Four karts quickly broke away in the Junior Max Final led by Jordan Brown with Georgie Whitbread, Luc Oliver and Riley Phillips all in close contention. Unfortunately, that became three after Oliver was forced to retire with mechanical issues promoting Phillips to 3rd. Ahead there were more changes as Whitbread took the lead and he was threatening to pull away until a back marker cost him two places on lap 10. Now in 2nd Phillips took the lead from Jordan Brown and thought he had things wrapped up, but when he left the door open at Christmas corner on the last lap, Brown didn’t think twice and took the lead and victory away from him!

Junior Max winner - Jordan Brown
Junior Max winner – Jordan Brown

Senior X30

Two brothers on the front row in Lewis and Levi King and two very different races. Lewis on pole wrapped his race up on lap one as he established himself a 1.9 second lead before going onto win by 4.5 seconds. For Levi things weren’t so straight forward. Scott Snell was the first person to briefly challenge his 2nd position but that quickly changed as Scott Mackrell and Bobby Neil came past. On lap 8 Mackrell managed to find his way through but King kept a cool head and Neil behind and was able to take 2nd place back on lap 12 to take a 1-2 for the brothers. Mackrell finished 3rd with Neil 4th and Snell 5th.

Senior X30 winner Lewis King
Senior X30 winner – Lewis King

Junior X30

It was an action packed start to the Junior X30 race as we saw three leaders in the first three laps. First it was Morgan Porter’s turn before Tyler Chesterton came through but then reigning champion Callum Bradshaw hit the front on lap three. With his team mate Sam McDonnell holding off the challenges of Owen Byatt behind, Bradshaw’s lead quickly increased to one second. But one driver was lighting up the timing screens and that was Fusion’s Chris Lulham. Lap after lap he was quickest on track and was in 2nd by lap 10. He then closed down the one second lead Bradshaw had in just three laps but was unable to pass. Post race Lulham was penalised for a front bumper promoting McDonnell to 2nd and Byatt to 3rd.


Junior X30 winner - Callum Bradshaw
Junior X30 winner – Callum Bradshaw

Iame Cadet

It was Harry Thompson who led the early stages of the Iame Cadet final but behind Reggie Duhy only needed seven laps to go from 7th to 2nd and was now chasing Thompson down. Duhy passed Thompson on lap 8 and brought Owen Marlow with him but Marlow was now not settling for 2nd and dropped Duhy to 3rd as he took the lead on lap 9. Over the next two laps there were two more lead changes, first Thompson then Duhy as we hit lap 12. Going onto the last lap there was seven for the lead and at turn six Taylor Barnard went from 4th to 1st going round the outside. A brave move worthy of victory in any race. Marlow finished 2nd with Kenneally snatching a late podium.

WMKC16_Feb_IAME_-147 edit
Drivers preparing for the Iame Cadet Final

Report written by Chris McCarthy

Photos by Stu Stretton


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