DD2 / DD2 Masters

Sean Babington came out on top of the final DD2 battle (for now!) between he and the soon to retire Ben Cooper. DD2 isn’t a well-known class in the UK, although we did have it in Super One for a few years. The engine is direct drive, in that the axle runs right through the engine, and it has two gears. On the continent it is popular and many drivers combine DD2 and KZ2 programmes. The Masters class is for drivers aged over 32 and they raced on Praga Dragon karts, and the DD2s used CRG Dark Riders which the drivers are randomly allocated, and they pay a deposit in case they damage it. South Africa’s Cristiano Morgado, who has won multiple times over the years, was completely dominant in the dry, which started with his pole position by just over a tenth over Australia’s Adam Hunter with Finland’s Mikko Laine in 3rd.

Laine nailed the Masters class British drivers in this class, but there were several racing under other licenses, including Martin Pierce in 6th (Ireland) and Tiffany Chittenden (New Zealand) in 7th. Another member of Team Ireland, Richard Faulkner, was 14th. Morgado stayed on top after the heats with all three wins while Pierce and Laine were 2nd and 3rd with one win each. It looked like the winner would come from one of these three and Morgado had a distinct advantage. Chittenden had moved up to 5th and Faulkner was now 7th. With the Prefinals cancelled due to the weather, Pierce took the lead on the first lap
of the Final and controlled
the situation just under a second ahead of Finland’s Mikko Laine. Laine attacked on the last lap but didn’t
make anything stick, leaving Pierce to cross the line first. But in scrutineering, Pierce was disqualified for missing a washer from his seat fixing. It was very harsh on him and not something that would give him an advantage, but a rule that’s on the books everywhere.

Belgium’s Christophe Adams fell foul of the same thing. Laine therefore took the win ahead of Cristiano Morgado and An