Euromax 2014 – Zuera, Spain

Stock-Rotax-LogoZuera, Spain: July 14-20, 2014

The third round of the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge at Zuera with 102 finalists headed for the decisive races on the 1,700 metres long track in northern Spain.

High temperatures and a stormy wind made for difficult conditions, turning the slipstream into an even more important factor.

The Junior final was a real walkover for Dave Wooder. After a perfect start from pole he was able to pull away from the grid, enlarging his leading gap lap after lap. In the end he completed the double win easily. Lady racer Marta Garcia had to be satisfied with second place. Third place went to Dean MacDonald ahead of Richard Verschoor (Team TKP). Both gained important points in the championship table, as points leader Thomas Preining (Team TKP) only managed positions 16 and 25 respectively and a poor weekend.

In the Senior final, it was Harry Webb on top again, who drove in a sphere of his own from pole. No one was able to keep the pace of the former Junior world champion, who in the end saw the finish line five seconds ahead of the rest of the grid, and took his fourth win in a row. In a photo finish, Guan Yu Zhou, Zack Clamandemelo and Lars Lamborelle crossed the line alongside and finally it was Yu Zhou in second ahead of Clamandemelo, Lamborelle and Ed Brand, who had closed the gap.

Sean Babington, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Ben Cooper set the pace at the front of the DD2 final. They headed away from the rest of the grid easily. Cooper was quick again and grabbed the lead for a few laps. Yet Babington did not give up: after some tough wheel to wheel action, he asserted himself in the lead and defended it bravely up to the finish. Cooper and Lennox-Lamb complemented the podium.