2013 EPEC – European Prokart Endurance Championship

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IMG_7973The expected battle between Baron and MS went down to the wire. The most thrilling battles occurred at Clay Pigeon when the variable weather led to a guess for the set up  for the two visits that were made . This meant that an early lead was whittled away until MS was caught by Baron in the closing laps for the first one and MS returned the favour in the second.

Alpha another major contender had a quiet season, even though they finished third except for the complete domination in the Le Mans 24hr. Q Racing and BRM Stretton showed that they had the pace to threaten the leaders but lacked consistency.

The Clubman championship finished in favour of Red Racing from Focus who lead for most of the season and were denied by Red in the last race. Only 4 points separated the two.

The H2 class was won comfortably by Titan .

The grids were excellent 32 for the last race and seventy two (72) for the UK24 showing that a friendly well-run and fair race Series can still attract large numbers

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