EPEC: Last round of 2014

2014 EPEC Round 10 of 10. Teesside 6hr, 9th November

43 MS SoCo had to finish no worse than 15th to win the Championship if 4 Alpha won Sunday’s race. Since 4 Alpha had not won a race all season then 43 had the Championship in the bag, hadn’t they?

The Clubman Championship was also “sorted” 77 Offline Motorsport had a 23 pt lead over second placed 115 Team Keane, so nothing could go wrong there, could it ? Also the Hire Class was dominated by 29 Coseley Cougars.

The Race

443 MS Lucas led the charge of the LHS of the grid into the first corner and 23 POT Racing from the 3rd row upset the polesitter and the RHS of the grid. However, this was the usual first corner scramble and that truism was resurrected i.e. that you cannot win the race from the first corner but you can lose it.

At the end of first lap 8 Stretton BRM were leading and, 443 MS Lucas, 23 POT Racing, 111 JSR, 4 ALPHA, 98 Baron Racing, 78 Tockwith Jnr 2, 77 OffLine , 75 Titan Tornadoes, 44 MS JSR 2, 33 Q Racing, 113 Lard Ass, 1 Titan Motorsport, were following.

The thundering karts began to dry out the track and the lap times began to fall. After 27 laps the order was 8 Stretton BRM, 4 ALPHA, 111 JSR, 23 POT Racing, 43 MS SoCo Select, 443 MS Lucas, 98 Baron Racing, 75 Titan Tornadoes,

Charlie Bingham of 8 Stretton BRM was flying in these conditions as was Ozzy Munday in 4 ALPHA and Adam Nichols (111 JSR

From half distance

4 ALPHA had taken the lead from 8 Stretton BRM and were trying to establish a lead and then a series of gremlins intervened Gremlin 1 98 Baron Racing “forcefully” overtook 53 SB Services and a Black Flag was awarded, the subsequent STOP/GO dropped them down the leaderboard. Gremlin 2 43 MS SoCo Select given a mechanicals black/orange flag when the exhaust fell off. Gremlin 3 443 MS Lucas came in underweight twice and subsequently retired.

Gremlin 4 , 113 Lard Ass had a drooping nosecone which hit the weighbridge. From this point a number of weighing anomalies appeared to occur from the competitor team’s perspective . A number of karts were re-weighed as they crossed the weighbridge at the end of their stint. 43 MS SoCo Select were recorded as being 2 kilo underweight which although possible was unlikely for a team of this experience. A 10 lap penalty put them into 17th place and the unthinkable had happened they had been supplanted by 4 ALPHA as the Championship leaders. With an hour to go the 43 MS SoCo Select team set about the situation with a renewed purpose. And then, with half an hour to go – just like a cliffhanger at the movies the computer crashed – first time in 15 years !!

The results had to be transcribed manually from the last computer screen. 43 MS SoCo Select finished in 15th – phew – to claim their Championship win.

4 ALPHA had pressed as hard as possible and took a deserved first win of the season in the last race. 8 Stretton BRM took another 2nd place confirming their credentials as one of the “top teams” and one of the favourites for the 2015 season. 113 Lard Ass had an excellent 3rd on the day and we hope that they will join us for the full season next year. 98 Baron Racing finished 4th and were no doubt reflecting on the Black Flag and the effect on their result.

77 OffLine won the Clubman Class and will have to make the transition to PRO for next year but appear to have the class and organisation to have success. 75 Titan Tornadoes had a good qualifying and a good race and were on the same lap as 77 OffLine and were rueing the “lost” half hour of racing because of a computer malfunction. 115 Team Keane were in the final podium position.