X30 Euro Series Castelletto Finals Report

It was yet another glorious day at the 7 laghi circuit and the scene was set for finals day where the points for the weekend were to be distributed. Up to this point none of the weekend’s events had counted for any points so a good or bad day here could really turn a weekend around.

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Juniors – Lulham wins the tyre strategy

One of the big talking points of the day was tyre strategy and to bring you up to speed here’s how it worked. Two sets of tyres were given to each driver at the start of the weekend and they of course would use one of those for qualifying and the heats. But the second set could be used at anytime on Sunday, so you could do the Pre Final on an old set and save new for the final or vice versa.

Starting on pole for the Pre Final was Milan Petelet from France. He got his race off to go a good start before Ben Woodridge was past after his charge through from 4th on the grid. That was the last anyone ever saw of Wooldridge as the British driver, who’d opted for new tyres, drove off to win by a comfortable 2.9 seconds.

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Ben Wooldridge was on fire all weekend

Behind Petelet did a good job to hold onto 2nd on old tyres with Ethan Hawkey on a new set trying everything he could to get past. Killian Meyer who finished 4th and Chris Lulham 5th, both also saved a new set for the final. Going backwards unfortunately was front row starter Callum Bradshaw after his engine seized on lap 5.

As the final got underway Lulham quickly took advantage of his new tyres to shoot his way up to the lead in just over two laps with the last man on his list being Ben Wooldridge. The latter than went backwards as Petelet, Meyer and Oscar Palomo Oritz all came through in quick succession.

Milan Petelet
Milan Petelet struggled on the new tyre in the Final

The new tyres were clearly working for Lulham as he was clearing off in the distance but Petelet was struggling to show the same kind of pace and lost 2nd to Meyer on lap 10. Behind Wooldridge was starting to find the kind of form he showed in the Pre Final as he was now passed Palomo Oritz and was after a podium.

At the front despite Meyer’s best efforts he could not get closer then four tenths of a second to Lulham and had to settled for 2nd with the Brit taking victory. Behind there was action on the last lap with Wooldridge passing Petelet on the exit to steal a podium setting the fastest lap in the process. Palomo Oritz took 5th and credit has to go to Callum Bradshaw who came from 15th to 6th.

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Junior X30 podium celebrations

Seniors – Besler takes long awaited victory

Most drivers opted for the old tyres in the Pre Final bar one or two. Berkay Besler got another poor start from the outside of the front row dropping to 5th with Hugo Ellis and Ollie Varney coming through.

The Turkish driver quickly got himself back on his feet though and passed Varney the next lap before passing Ellis five laps later. This left him within half a second of leader Brett Ward and seven laps to make a potential pass but despite his best efforts he could not find a way past the Brit who had to defend on the last lap. Ellis held onto 3rd and 4th after a bad start was a recovering Sam Marsh for Dan Holland Racing.

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The top four were all on old tyres, but behind were the first on new tyres in the shape of Paul Loussier and David Beaumann who passed Ollie Varney on their way to a top six finish, with Varney on an old set.

As the final got underway yet again Besler was hung out to dry at the start and was as low as 5th before quickly recovering to 4th. Up ahead Sam Marsh was flying and passed Ellis and Ward in quick succession to take the lead. Behind Ellis saw a gap on Marsh and took it but in going forwards he quickly found himself back in 4th with Marsh, Ward and Besler all coming back through.

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Besler celebrates long awaited victory

It was apparent the Brits surrounding Besler were worried about his pace as in his first attempt to take the lead he was passed straight back by Marsh. Besler then took a lap to prepare himself before going back in on the DHR driver being successful this time with Ward going through a lap later.

Things got worse for Marsh as he retired with a problem to the left front corner of his kart which allowed Ellis and Saul Robinson, who was flying, to all gain places! Up ahead and now in the lead Besler cleared off to win by 3.7 seconds with Ward simply having no response. Ward in the end had to defend his 2nd from Ellis with Saul Robinson taking 4th. A good result considering he missed qualifying on Friday due to school exams. In 5th was another hard charger in the shape of Alessandro Di Cori who gained seven places.

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Senior X30 podium

Super X30 – Perfect day for PDB Racing!

If you had followed the weekends action you would not have believed your eyes whilst watching the Finals on Sunday. Rinus van Kalmthout was unbeaten to this point but things fell apart by his standards during the Sunday finals.

In the Pre Final things got off to a good start for van Kalmthout who held his lead on the opening lap, but it wasn’t long before he was going backwards and in the space of five laps he lost five places dropping to 6th. Up ahead PDB Racing team mates Taylor Greenfield and Viktor Oberg were making the most of the situation by clearing off in that order.

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Daems Racing team mates Rinus van Kalmthout and Constantin Schoell

Behind it wasn’t long before van Kalmthout was coming back through, first taking Marnik Battryn and then his team mate Constantin Schoell a few laps later. Filling 3rd place in all of this was Giacomo Rossi and he was able to hold the position despite van Kalmthout setting fastest lap. Up ahead Greenfield and Oberg took the flag in that order separated by just 0.2 seconds across the line.

In the final van Kalmthout got a good start and moved straight into 3rd place passing Rossi who was hung out to dry. Up front things also changed with Oberg moving past his team mate on lap four.

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Viktor Oberg celebrates a hard fought victory

It was the next lap where the race defining moment came though! Van Kalmthout’s move on Taylor Greenfield cost him 1.2 seconds on the leader, which with Oberg’s pace was always going to be hard to close down.

Van Kalmthout gave it his best shot though and got within half a second of the Swede but he couldn’t get any closer and had to settle for 2nd with Greenfield finishing 3rd. Finishing 4th was an improving Schoell with Rossi recovering to snatch a top 5.

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Super X30 Podium

Round 2 of the championship will take place at the Zuera circuit in Spain on the 14th – 17th July and entries are now open! You can enter via http://www.x30euro.com/ All the action from this weekend, including extra videos, can be found at http://www.telemundi.com/


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