F100 Round 2 British Championship

Round 2 of the re-born 100cc championship took place at Fulbeck alongside the local club meeting. With another massive crowd in a?endance and a full to bursting car park.

The fast straights of sector 1 and tight complex of sector 2 seemed the perfect place to show off the versatility of these beautifully restored machines, something that reflected in the impressive grid numbers as the two classes (Pre 95 & Pre 2000) were split. Unfortunately the days running was shortened by

an incident on track which saw the air ambulance make an impressive entrance. With the day shortened to 2 heats and a final the F100 drivers were just glad they weren’t back to the blustery winds and side winding rain of Hooton Park.

The Pre 2000 Heat 1 race saw the reigning champion Oliver Scullion take an early victory from a very tight running top 6. Oliver started 6th on the impressive 27 kart grid and climbed early to take the lead enduring a hard ba?le. He started
inching away from the rest as they fought for the remaining places, impressively keeping up the pace with the leader while squabbling among themselves. Oliver crossed the line with a small gap of just 1 second to Aaran Stroud who followed Oliver all the way from his starting position in 5th. Behind Aaran number 93 Nicky Taylor set out to make amends for Round 1’s efforts coming home in 3rd only just keeping off the challenge of David Hogg who finished just 0.10 off the final podium spot.

Heat 2 saw more of the same from Oliver and Aaran as they both pushed one another through the pack from all the way back on the 9th row of the grid. Only one driver succeeded in reaching the podium though with Oliver managing to take a well earned 3rd spot beating Aaran by a healthy margin. Out in front 169 Daniel Devereaux took an early lead only to have it snatched away shortly a?er tumbling down the order with an exclusion for failing to respond to a technical flag.

The rest of the front starters failed to make the most of their advantage as David Hogg back in 7th fought through them

all taking the victory over 2nd place Glenn Guest who also climbed, narrowly escaping the clutches of Oliver by just over a tenth. With Oliver the only driver to bag 2 podiums
in the shortened heats he sat on pole position for the final, in front of 46 David Hogg and 7 Aaron Stroud. Oliver set
out to redeem his round 1 efforts by leading from the start and then pulling out a progressive gap to all those behind. Oliver wrapped up the meeting 4.36 seconds in the lead seriously beginning his campaign to retain the F100 title. The remaining podium spots saw Aaron exchange places with David finishing behind Oliver yet again on the 2nd step as David struggled to claw it back in 3rd.

In the Pre 95 a healthy 16 karts lined up with 4 novices populating the two back rows, a mighty turn out worthy of it’s own race. Heat 1 was very close with round 1 victor Joe Scorey scrapping a win while number 41 Ma? Martin hounded him all the way coming within 0.40 a?er Joe overtook him. The ba?le between the two was very close with no one else to worry about as behind them trailed Alan Dove a further 13 seconds down the road. Heat 2 played hosted to a hiccup for number 41 Ma? Martin as he lost the lead with a technical a?er working hard from his starting position of 8th, handing the it over to heat 1 winner Joe Scorey. Joe didn’t take it for granted though as pulled out a healthy gap a?er also climbing to 2nd place 146 Alan dove and 86 Reece Mcilwraith. Joe comfortably sat on pole position for the final coming in with a total of 0 points, to Alan’s 5 and Reece’s 7. The theme continued with Joe taking the victory 4 seconds over Alan while Richard Hollis had a very successful run fighting from 7th to take 3rd.