Grampian Kart Club Round 4

Round 4, Boyndie Drome Circuit, Banff , 24th August

The fourth round of the Boyndie Drome Open Challenge took place at the Banff circuit on Sunday 24th August. Dry and sunny although a little chilly were the ideal conditions for competitive racing.

Honda Cadet

Right from the start a group of four broke away. These were Abbie Munro, Craig Mann, Ben McLeod and Aiden Welch. The quartet circulated without changing position but as the race went on, they seemed to get closer. As they entered the Boyndie Straight for the final tour Munro look round and was engulfed by Mann on one side and McLeod on the other. Munro dropped to third but regained second before the end of the lap. McLeod held on to take his first Boyndie victory. Munro came home second closely followed by Mann and Welch. Ben Burne. caught Logan Mann and then Jonathan Edwards to take finish. A good race long battle between Callum Welch and Ewan Johnston was resolved in favour of Johnston.

Junior Max

At the start the field spread out quickly with Robbie Souter leading. Souter went on to take the victory. Cameron McPhee was second but during the later stages Merlin Aldrick closed him down. A pit corner for the last time Aldrick launched to the inside, the pair touched, McPhee spun and Aldrick took the chequered flag. McPhee recovered to take third. Reece Gillan took fourth ahead of Logan Blake.

Senior Max

Pole man Connor Wilson took alights to flag victory. However this was no easy victory as the pressure was on initially by Kieran Smart and latterly Ross Shearer. Shearer was on Wilson’s bumper as they crossed the line closely followed by Smart. Liam Souter came home fourth ahead of Lewis Rae, Reis Robertson and Liam Ross.


Chris Hart followed home by Bruce Cameron won the ‘B’ final. These two went to the back of the ‘A’ final. Ryan Cannon, Stuart Dalgarno and Michael Ogilvie broke away from the pack early in the final. Ogilvie took second on the second tour. This order was maintained until the penultimate time on the Boyndie Straight when Ogilvie squeezed to the lead. Cannon regained the lead on the last lap at Kevin’s Korner to take the victory from Ogilvie and Dalgarno. Ben Gordon had a lonely race for fourth. The midfield battle was won by Steven Allen ahead of Simon Savage, Martin Buchan, Roy Wilson and Iain Wilson.


Neil Anderson made the best start from the outside of the front row to lead at the end of lap one from Ian Duncan and Paul Dalgarno. Anderson opened an early gap but Duncan began to close in. On lap five, Duncan made his move at the end Boyndie Straight to lead. Dalgarno closed in and was snapping at Anderson’s bumper. On the last lap while lining up for a final corner charge, he ran wide to end his challenge. John Roberson finished ahead of newcomer Dave Largue.