HODDESDON KART CLUB Round 1 – 2015 Championship

February 1st at Rye House Kart Raceway

The first round of the Hoddesdon Kart Club 2015 Championship opened on such a bitterly cold and windy February day that a number of drivers signed on then opted out. The day was saved by being dry and there was plenty of fine racing for everyone to enjoy. The Honda Clubman Cadets lead the finals with P3 Luke Barham climbing to second by the end of lap one, then gaining the lead from Novice poleman Daryl Taylor on lap eleven, beating him by 12/100 s for his inaugural first place. Five seconds later, another Novice, Billy Moram came third. With the two Novices on the podium, the best of the rest was fourth-placed Nathan Clifford. Luke Barham also won the trophy for the fastest lap of the meeting at 43.71 s on lap seven of the Final.

Starting from pole, Sam Nicolaou led every lap of the Rotax 177 Final to win by 0.2s from Mark Palmer, who was in a close bale throughout with defending Champ, Shawn Morter, who came in fourth: both of them seing the fastest lap time at 36.88 s. David Rendall was squeezed out to finish fourth with Tony Parfe, fih. The light Senior Rotaxes then took to the track with poleman Adam Sadler winning unopposed by two seconds over defending Champion, George Sanders. Sanders also set the fastest lap time of 36.05 s. Ryan Dones came third having fought his way up from sixth, nudging Rookie Gianni Picone off the podium. Best Novice was Peter Dell.

The Honda Cadet Final was an epic bale among the top three, with the lead swapping frequently and decided on the last lap when the tight grouping fell apart as Louie Westover and Ben Kasperczak clashed leing Khali Atkins through. Josh Steed started eighth but finished fourth, in front of Jake Yilmaz. The fastest time was 42.49 s set by Kasperczak. Daryl Taylor, doubling up in the separate Clubman grid, was the Best Novice. The welcome introduction of a Junior X30 gird had an
influence on the numbers of Mini Maxes racing, and there was disappointment in the Final when race leader Archie Flack was retired due to a defective rear bumper: this aer he had set the fastest lap at 39.56 s. Rookie P2 Brodie Rivers took the lead from Zak Parfe on lap seven to win by 9s. Novice, Alex Simmons retained his third starting position, and as he was already on the podium, Kim Karlsson was awarded the Novice trophy.

The last race on the day was a split grid of Junior Rotax MAX and Junior X30’s. The Junior Rotaxes provided a thrilling climax to the day in a three-way shootout: frustratingly without Luc Oliver who was forced out early on. P3 Michael Smith claimed the lead from P2 Ayrton Simmons on lap 12 to win by 3s. Alex Burford- Fuller bagged fastest lap at 36.72 s and ended up only 0.11s behind Simmons. Top Novice was Max Maserati.

The X30’s were led by 2014 Mini MAX Champion, Alfie Haralambous with Harry Dyson coming in second. Bailey Gregory broke his podium duck at third and also set the fastest lap at 36.76 s. Thomas Fleming was the top Novice.


1 Luke Barham Project One 2 Daryl Taylor Project One 3 Billy Moram Octane
1 Brodie Rivers Tony Kart 2 Zak Parfe Gillard
3 Alex Simmons Octane
1 Sam Nicolaou Tony Kart 2 Mark Palmer Gillard
3 Shawn Morter Kosmic
1 Adam Sadler Tony Kart 2 George Sanders Octane 3 Ryan Dones Gillard
1 Khali Atkins BRK
2 Louie Westover Octane 3 Ben Kasperczak Zip Junior X30
1 Alfie Haralambous Octane 2 Harry Dyson Octane
3 Bailey Gregory Octane
1 Michael Smith Kosmic
2 Ayrton Simmons Octane
3 Alex Burford-Fuller Tony Kart