HODDESDON KC Rye House Kart Raceway, Round 5

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At long last we got some decent weather and the seventy or so kart teams took full advantage of it.

By rotation, the Mini Maxes opened the Finals this month with Team Marmalade’s Jack Chapman on pole, keeping well ahead to win by over two seconds. P2 Brodie Rivers lost his place
on lap 10 when Conrad Collinson also bowed out and P5 Zak Parfe? emerged to take second place. Reece Hurrell was the best novice retaining his fourth, narrowly beating P3 Luke Brown. Chapman also posted the fastest lap of the meeting at 37.80 s.

Next out were the Junior grids with the X30’s unleashed first. P2 Bayley Gregory could only watch as poleman Harry Dyson pulled away from him over the first three laps and then smashed his lap record on lap eleven at 35.88 s. The following pack of Junior Rotaxes never came near them and it appeared that P1 Warren Miles had done enough to hold on for a victory until Jonathan Campbell’s intense pressure paid off and he snatched the lead on lap sixteen to come in first. Miles did however post the fastest lap time at 36.31 s. Max Maserati held his position for third and a well-deserved podium place straight off Novice plates.

The Rotaxs were interrupted by the Honda Cadet Finals – for the Clubman class. The top five all finished within a second of each other and while polesi?er Daryl Taylor held his own throughout. P4 Ma? Hyde was again only 1/5th behind and clinched the last remaining podium place from P6 Alex MacGregor by 14/100 s.
It was in fact P3 Ronnie Mansfield who was running the fastest laps and he used his turn of speed to pinch one of his lost places back from Luke Barham on the last lap to finish fi?h.

The Rotax sequence continued with the Seniors next. Poleman George Sanders had won all the heats so it wasn’t that much of a surprise that he won the Final by ten seconds and also the trophy for the fastest lap time at 35.60 s. George Willis was not to be shi?ed from second place, first by early challenges from Gianni Picone who then hit rock bo?om on lap four before bouncing back up to fourth and later by Tom Banister, who got his long-awaited and much applauded third podium spot coming up from fourth.

A?er the Lights, it was the Heavies’ turn and it was certainly Tony Parfe?’s day in Rotax 177. The momentum was with him from the heats but had to work his way up from third: first overtaking P2 Mark Palmer on lap eight and then picking off poleman Sam Nicolaou on lap eleven to win by nearly two seconds. Palmer was fast and took home the lap trophy to prove it but was unable to dislodge Nicolaou from second place by 15/100 s.

The Honda Cadets rounded off the day – it took P2 Josh Steed until lap seven to extract himself from the pack that had engulfed him and take the lead, finishing off with a win by a second. Harley White made a momentous six-place gain: the hardest three working up to lap eight and them a final lunge over the last two laps as runner up. He grabbed second from P3 Astin Wigley on a last-gasp dash and there was only 1/100 s between them over the line. Poleman Sam Heading finished fourth, then a gap with Harrison Fox with a four-place gain, and a?er him Jake Yilmaz, the winner of the trophy for the fastest lap at 41:27 s.