Daytona DMAX – Round 6

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The TW Steel DMAX Champs 2014 – Round 6 20th July– PF International

The DMAX crew visit the excellent PF circuit in Lincolnshire to do battle


Light Enduro

James Baldwin converted his Pole Position to an easy race lead in the Lights Class and an easy win looked on the cards until he lost his exhaust and had to pit for repairs. An epic race back through the field to fourth followed, leaving Tom Kempynck to take the win from Chris Hackworth and Jonny Spencer.

Inter Enduro

Anthony Kirk proved his class with the win in the Inters Class ahead of Joseph Ellis and Adam Nakar. Behind them Joe Holmes lacked pace down the straights and had to work very hard to hold on to fourth ahead of Andrew Knapp and James Pratt.

Heavy Enduro

An hour long three way race at the front for Vincent, Pender and Zaustowicz entertained the spectators. More reminiscent of a Moto GP crap with the lead changing up to three times a lap, the win went to David Vincent with Tomasz Zaustowicz second and Jamie Pender third.

Light Heats – Final

Chris Hackworth led from Jonny Spencer. At the top of the hill, James Baldwin overtook Johnny Spencer, allowing Chris Hackworth to further his lead. But he then dropped back ton 6th as Dom Whiting, Jonny Spencer, Josh King and Ben Leslie got past Jonny Spencer was back in to 2nd and chasing down Chris Hackworth, setting a fastest time of 1:09.1 as he did so. Richard Lacey was successful in passing Ben Leslie under the bridge at the top of the circuit, and Marco Coltelli followed suit shortly after. Marco Coltelli ran wide out of turn 13 and on to the grass. Chris Hackworth looked sure to win 7 minutes in to the 9 minute + 1 lap final, as he was only getting quicker with the clear air ahead of him, and gained a comfortable 3 second lead over Jonny Spencer. Further back, Kamran Moussa-Zadeh and Ben James were in a race of their own, just 4 tenths of a second apart while Dom Whiting up in 4th ran wide losing himself a considerable amount of time. Chris Hackworth secured his deserved win, with Jonny Spencer, who had a good day of racing, in 2nd. Josh King finished 3rd after also having a successful day.

Inter Enduro

1 Anthony Kirk 59:57.597

2 Joseph Ellis 1:00:02.455

3 Adam Nakar 1:00:05.497

4 Joe Holmes 1:00:11.093

5 Andrew Knapp 1:00:20.804

Heavy Enduro

1 David Vincent 59:36.192

2 Tomasz Zaustowicz 59:42.205

3 Jamie Pender 59:42.554

4 James Griffith 59:48.622

5 Michael Mckeegan 59:55.668

Light Heats – Heat 1

1 Chris Hackworth 09:09.803

2 Jonny Spencer 09:11.149

3 James Baldwin 09:16.687

4 Josh King 09:17.487

5 Dom Whiting 09:18.000

Light Heats – Heat 2

1 Ben Leslie 09:15.314

2 James Baldwin 09:15.414

3 Josh King 09:15.808

4 Jonny Spencer 09:15.928

5 Chris Hackworth 09:17.703

Light Enduro

1 Tom Kempynck 1:01:16.014

2 Chris Hackworth 1:01:22.620

3 Jonny Spencer 1:01:30.959

4 James Baldwin 1:01:33.577

5 Dom Whiting 1:02:04.096


Inter Heats – Final

James Brunton dropped back slightly from 2nd at the race start while Joe Holmes got away as the back of the pack grouped up. James Pratt and Alec Tucker both got past James Brunton while Kai Watson got past Andrew Knapp and into 5th to chase down the front group. The entire group we within 5 seconds of the leader Joe Holmes, who himself was over a second ahead 2nd, so the racing was close across the whole field throughout. Xander Mahony got overtook Dan Sibbons while a black flag was called on Dave Clarke for repeated late lunges resulting in advantage gained by side to side contact. Joe Holmes was then leading by over 2 seconds over James Pratt, who in turn had almost a second over Alec Tucker. Dave Clarke set the fastest lap of the race, 1:09.0 whilst failing to realise he was being called in for his penalty. He pitted for his penalty on the final lap as Joe Holmes crossed the finish line. James Pratt finished 2nd, with Alec Tucker coming 3rd and Kai Watson just taking 4th from James Brunton by 5 thousands of a second.

Heavy Heats – Final

Robert Bennett kept his position at the front despite the entire group close behind him. Tomasz Zaustowicz was overtaken by Jack Dutfield for 2nd. David Vincent, who’s raced consistently all day then took 2nd with a good overtake up the inside of Jack Dutfield, and Tomasz Zaustowicz was opportune and followed back through. Jack Dutfield lost out and out-breaked himself in an attempt to fight back for position but he came off worse for it, while the rest of the group raced fairly, leaving enough space for each other. Until Iain Brooks made a late lunge which Jack Dutfield attempted to mimic, causing contact with Jamie Pender and Rob Bennett who were both visibly unimpressed. Jack Dutfield received a black flag for the incident. Ross Woodhouse and Vinod Hirani were racing cleanly at the back, keeping within a tenth of a second of each other but giving each other necessary room. Jamie Pender retired due to time lost by the incident with Jack Dutfield, who also retired upon entering the pits for his black flag penalty. Tomasz Zaustowicz led from David Vincent and Michael Mckeegan as the chequered flag went out. Rob Bennett also retired after an unlucky race.

The next round is at Clay Pigeon Raceway on 17th August 2014.




Heavy Heats – Heat 1

1 Tomasz Zaustowicz 08:15.430

2 Jack Dutfield 08:16.159

3 George Dutfield 08:16.585

4 Michael Mckeegan 08:17.499

5 Chris Munro 08:20.703

Heavy Heats – Heat 2

1 Jamie Pender 08:18.482

2 Robert Bennett 08:18.765

3 Ian Brooks 08:19.167

4 David Vincent 08:19.540

5 Jack Dutfield 08:21.814

Heavy Heats – Heat 3

1 Robert Bennett 08:15.495

2 David Vincent 08:15.595

3 Tomasz Zaustowicz 08:16.090

4 Chris Munro 08:21.903

5 Ian Brooks 08:22.206

Inter Heats – Final

1 Joe Holmes 10:26.676

2 James Pratt 10:30.888

3 Alec Tucker 10:31.416

4 Kai Watson 10:33.688

5 James Brunton 10:33.693

Heavy Heats – Final

1 Tomasz Zaustowicz 10:37.607

2 David Vincent 10:38.737

3 Michael Mckeegan 10:40.293

4 Ian Brooks 10:43.917

5 Chris Munro 10:45.706