DMAX Round 1

The eagerly anticipated DMAX championship kicked off at Milton Keynes with both the Sprints and Endurance series battling it out for the top spot. ENDURO
Chris Hackworth held off Tom Golding as the 2015 season started with Joseph Conroy and James Wickham slotting in behind. Hackworth out-braked himself into turn 2 on the lap two to allow Golding to get past and lead by turn 5. With a third of the race gone, Hackworth was getting away at the front as Sibley, Wickham, Conroy and Golding all tripped over each other, slowing each other done – Hackworth’s lead out to 3.760 seconds. Conroy moved into second with Wickham slotting into 3rd with Golding soon taking 3rd from Wickham. Conroy snatched 3rd from Sibley on lap 50 and left Sibley with Wickham climbing all over his rear bumper. Hackworth took the first win of the 2015 season, setting a new fastest lap as he took the chequered flag. Golding took 2nd with Conroy completing the podium ahead of Wickham, Leslie and Sibley.

Inters Joe Holmes and Bobby Trundley hit the front on the first lap as pole man, Ben Oliver, lost out. Andrew Knapp was in 3rd with Tim McKeegan and Allan Curtis behind him as Holmes and Trundley pulled a couple of kart lengths over Knapp and McKeegan. Knapp and McKeegan closed the gap to form a four-way tussle for the lead. Joseph Ellis was putting in some fastest laps in 6th place as he looked to make up for a difficult qualifying session with Knapp and McKeegan swapping positions in 3rd and 4th, allowing Holmes and Trundley to get away once more. Ellis had caught Trundley just before the half-way stage, passing him into turn 1 as Trundley tangled with a backmarker on lap 22. Ellis continued in his pursuit of Holmes as they left Trundley behind in a lonely 3rd with Knapp in an equally lonely 4th, comfortably ahead of Oliver. Ellis was all over the back of Holmes as they got caught up in traffic. Ellis saw his chance and took it with a cut-back on the final corner giving him a run into turn 1. The lead changed twice in the last few laps but Holmes took the win by 0.082 seconds. Trundley completed the podium, 5.714 seconds behind with Knapp and Oliver completing the top 5.

Heavies Zaustowicz headed the field as the drivers filtered through turns 1,2 and 3 with Daly and Vincent on his tail. Zaustowicz held them off with Michael McKeegan taking 2nd at turn 8. Chris Carter was a man on a mission on lap 1, moving from 9th to 4th on lap 1 as Vincent dropped from 2nd to 8th. Daly regained 2nd on lap 2 at turn 2. Carter moved into 3rd with Adrian Wisniewski, McKeegan and the recovering Vincent following him. Zaustowicz cruised to the chequered flag, taking the first Heavy Enduro win of the season, 15.677 seconds clear of Griffith. Carter was 3rd with a tough move at turn 10 on the final lap with Daly coming home in 4th. McKeegan completed the top 5.

Light Final
Following Heat wins for Ben Leslie, Tom Golding and Josh King, the Light Final was always going to be a close competitive race. Golding pulled out an early lead over King with King maintaining a decent gap over Lacey who had Hackworth on his rear bumper. Meanwhile the fight for 8th between Steve Dalley, Ben Anderson, Matthew Bees and Cameron Rodger was hotting up as they all followed in each other’s wheel tracks. King had got the gap to Golding down to 0.365 at the front at the half way stage as Hackworth had moved into 3rd and was beginning to close on the battling pair. King continued to close, forcing Golding to start going defensive which was playing into Hackworth’s hands as he took 1 second out of them on lap 8. Time was running out with Golding still keeping King at bay and Hackworth still edging towards them, but it looked like Hackworth would need something to happen between them to be in with a chance. Golding held on to take the win from King, beating him by just 0.274 seconds with Hackworth a further 0.447 behind in 3rd. Joseph and Lacey completed the top 5. Inters With Joe Holmes scoring two heats wins and Bobby Trundley getting one win, they started side by side for the Final. Stuart Foster made the most of Holmes’ slow rolling start but Trundley came back at Foster on the first lap, looking for a way past through turns 5 and 6.

Holmes appeared from the boom of the hill for the first time with what appeared to be a comfortable lead from Foster and Trundley. Trundley got a run into turn
1 with Foster trying to hang it around the outside with some minor contact as Foster turned in. This allowed Luke Cousins to slip past the pair of them into turn 2. This was making Holmes’ getaway an easy one as those behind him tripped over each other and held each other up. Trundley was hounding Cousins to try and regain 2nd with Holmes’ now looking out of reach as he was 4 seconds up the road on lap 3. Foster was being caught by Allan Curtis in the fight for 4th with Foster just keeping Curtis out of striking distance. Curtis went for a move up the inside at the final corner with Foster holding it around the outside all the way down the start/ finish straight, through turn 1 and down to turn 2, keeping Curtis behind him. Trundley had finally got ahead of Cousins on lap 8 to take 2nd with a few minutes le on the clock to allow Trundley the chance of closing down the 3.3 second lead to Holmes at the front.

The first clear lap for Trundley saw a fastest lap with a 1:06.017 to eat into Holmes’ lead with a 1:05.995 the lap aer to continue to continue to bring the gap down as they started the final lap. Holmes held on to win from Trundley by 2.680 seconds with Cousins taking the final podium spot. Curtis came out on top in the fight for 4th between himself and Foster, passing him on the final lap and beating him by 0.085 seconds with Foster having to sele for 5th. Heavy Final With three different winners in the heats, Tomasz Zaustowicz started from pole and Chris Carter quickly moved into 2nd as the field darted behind the hill at turn 6 with Carter all over the back of Zaustowicz at the end of the opening lap. David Vincent had moved into 3rd with George Dutfield tucked under his exhaust as Zaustowicz began to put some distance between himself and Carter on the second lap. Pender was running in 5th with Jack Dutfield a kart length behind with Rob Benne a further kart length behind with Zaustowicz extending his lead as he put in a series of fastest laps.

Vincent was keeping George Dutfield at and arm’s length and out of aacking range with Vincent seing a new fastest lap of the race on lap 5 – a 1:06.341. Zaustowicz was cruising away at the front putting in more fastest laps to put himself well out of reach, appearing from the bottom of the hill with his visor, flashing green and blue under the flood lights to start the final lap. George Dutfield was still hustling Vincent for 3rd, but all eyes were on Zaustowicz as he took the win by 3.705 seconds from Carter completng the double. Vincent completed the podium ahead of George Dutfield and Bennett. The next round is at Daytona Sandown Park on 15th March. Call Mark on 033 033 278 70 to book in.