TW Steel DMAX Heats Championships Round 7 Report

Sandown Park Alternate Reverse

Heavy Heat 1

Lee Meayers held the lead at the start as Jamie Pender quickly moved into 2nd place as the field headed down towards Vale. As they emerged, it was Pender out front ahead of Tomasz Zaustwoicz, Meayers and Chris Carter. Zaustowicz then hit the front to complete lap 1 in the lead as Carter manoeuvred himself into 3rd. Zaustowicz and Pender were away with a gap back of 1.4 seconds back to Carter after his move on Meayers, with Rob Moore now in 4th and just about holding on to Carter. Carter responded and posted a new fastest lap to reduce the gap to Zaustowicz and Pender ahead of him as Carter hunted down Pender and dropped Moore. Robert Purtak was sitting in 5th, keeping Meayers at an arm’s length in 6th with Blaze Sienko close behind.

Another new fastest lap from Carter closed the gap further with 1 second between the three of them. A mistake from Pender at the final corner on the penultimate lap saw Carter get a run into turn 1. Pender held on and Carter lost ground with Zaustowicz proving to be the big winner as he opened up a comfortable lead on the final lap, allowing him to cruis e across the line to win the first heat of the day ahead of Pender, Carter, Moore and Purtak.


Light Heat 1

Josh Lad and Jake Butler led the grid around on their rolling up lap. Lad held the lead as the green flag waved, but Butler was quickly through at turn 3 as the field went three wide down the Top Straight and into the lead. Butler held off Lad on the first lap with Tom Golding closing in and passing Lad through the penultimate corner. Kyle Sagar was next up behind Lad as Butler looked to build an early lead.

Golding had other plans however, getting right onto the rear of Butler with Butler seemingly waving Golding through at the penultimate corner. Sagar moved into 3rd and was closing, would Golding and Butler work together to gap the rest of the field? There was a 1 second gap back to Dom Whiting in 4th with William Thomas, Graeme Cobb and Max O’Shaughnessy all lining up behind him. O’Shaughnessy was passed Cobb through the penultimate corner on lap 4 as Golding began to break away at the front of the field. Thomas was aggressive in his move into turn 3 on Whiting with Whiting trying to hold on around the outside and losing out to O’Shaughnessy, Cobb and Kameron Khan.

Butler got his head down and began to respond to Golding’s pace, bringing the gap back down to under half a second as Sagar began to attack Butler for 2nd. Butler was now in defensive mode allowing Thomas to have a go at Sagar through turn 3, earning him 3rd place and a chance at 2nd on Butler. Golding was making the most of it and was extending his lead further all of the way to the chequered flag to win heat 1. Butler held on for 2nd ahead of Sagar, Thomas and O’Shaughnessy.


Inters Heat 1

Xander Mahony just held off Jonathan Purton at the start with Bobby Trundley moving into 3 rd. Lee Hollywood was tucked up behind in 4th with Richard Lacey a kart length behind in 5 th. Mahony competed the first lap in the lead but had the train of Purton, Trundley and Hollywood behind with Trundley taking 2nd into turn 5 with Hollywood following him into 3 rd .

A mistake from Trundley into the penultimate corner saw Trundley spin out along with Hollywood and moved Purton back into 2nd ahead of Lacey and Chris Talabi. Mahony meanwhile was away at the front of the field with a gap of 2.445 seconds. Lacey progressed to 2nd with Allan Curtis soon moving into 3rd with Lacey hunting down Mahony and reducing the gap to 1.5 seconds with 2 minutes plus a lap remaining.

Trundley had recovered back into 7th and was on the back of the group squabbling over 5th with Hollywood close behind. The top three were stretching their advantage over the rest with Purton running on his own in 4th with a gap back to Hollywood, Trundley and Chris Alcock. Mahony claimed the win ahead of Lacey by 0.272 seconds. Curtis, Purton and Hollywood rounded out the top 5.


Heavy Heat 2

Rob Moore held off a determined Chris Carter into turn 1 as Jamie Pender and Tomasz Zaustowicz tucked in behind them in 3rd and 4th respectively. Zaustowicz passed Pender into turn 5 as Carter passed Moore for the lead with Moore losing a further place to Zaustowicz at the penultimate corner.

Carter, Zaustowicz, Moore, Pender and Blaze Sienko were the top 5 at the end of lap 1. Carter was leading the field and looking to break away, but Zaustowicz was closing and made his move on lap 4 to move into the lead. Carter tucked in behind and held onto the rear of Zaustowicz’s kart with these two breaking away from Moore and Pender. Zaustowicz got his head down and began to build a gap over Carter as the remaining time ticked away, but Carter responded in the dying stages and he closed the gap back up.

Pender moved into 3rd at turn 1 on the final lap to get ahead of Moore as the chequered flag was readied and greeted Zaustowicz ahead of Carter, Pender, Moore and Sienko.


Light Heat 2

Cameron Noble led the field into turn 1 from pole with Michael Tillett and Josh Craft tucked in behind him in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Craft moved into 2nd as Noble opened up a gap of 0.608 seconds on the first lap. Craft set after Noble as Whiting moved into 3rd with William Thomas then into 4th, albeit for a couple of corners as Tillett moved back ahead into 4th . Thomas tried again and made the move stick on lap 3 as Noble continued to just edge further up the road, leaving Craft coming under attack from Whiting.

A half move into the final corner from Whiting saw Thomas have a go into turn 1 which Thomas completed on the run down to Vale with Joseph Conroy also getting involved and dropping Whiting a further position. Thomas then immediately attacked Craft for 2nd , passing Craft through turn 3. Thomas’ next target was leader, Noble with a gap of 0.640 seconds over Thomas courtesy of a fastest lap from Thomas. Thomas was on Noble on lap 7, trying to pass through turns 5 and 6, completing the move for the lead into the penultimate corner and taking the lead.

Another fastest lap from Thomas allowed him to pull a gap of 0.742 seconds over Noble on lap 8 as they gapped Conroy and Whiting. Conroy pulled off to serve a penalty for contact. Whiting moved into 3rd with a small margin over O’Shaughnessy, Nat Thomas, Tom Sibley and Tillett. Thomas took a convincing win from Noble, Whiting, O’Shaughnessy and Nat Thomas.


Inters Heat 2

Lee Hollywood led the pack onto the Top Straight as they negotiated the first three corners. Richard Lacey held onto 2nd with these two quickly putting some daylight between themselves and the chasing pack headed by Chris Alcock and Chris Talabi. Alcock began to bridge the gap on lap 2 with less than a second covering the top 3.

Despite Hollywood’s best efforts, he was unable to gap Lacey and Alcock with Alcock the fastest man on track in the early stages, getting onto the back of Lacey’s kart and beginning to challenge him for 2nd and giving Hollywood some breathing space. Bobby Trundley had worked his way into 4th and had his sights on the top 3, setting a new fastest lap to start reeling them in on lap 5.

Alcock moved into 2nd at the penultimate corner on lap 5 just as Trundley got onto the back of them with Hollywood now 1 second up the road. Trundley was quickly passed Lacey and back onto the rear of Alcock’s kart with Alcock choosing to go defensive early. Trundley attempted a move into turn 1, but could not make it stick on lap 9 as Hollywood continued to pull away. Trundley continued to push Alcock for 2nd with a last minute lunge on the final lap into turn 5 giving Trundley 2nd. Hollywood took the top spot ahead of Trundley, Alcock, Lacey and Tom Eastwood.


Heavies Heat 3

Robert Purtak held the lead despite Tomasz Zaustowicz’s best efforts with Zaustowicz instead choosing to set himself up on the exit of turn 3 and down the Top Straight towards Vale. The move paid off for Zaustowicz and he completed lap 1 in the lead from Purtak, Chris Carter, Blaze Sienko, Rob Moore, Jamie Pender, Ben Moody and Lee Meayers.

Zaustowicz was away at the front as Carter looked to close the gap on Purtak ahead of him. Sienko had his hands full with Pender and Moore behind him, defending 4th with Pender sneaking through at turn 1 on lap 4. Carter continued to reduce the gap to Purtak, but only by a tenth or two a lap as Purtak held his own in 2nd place. Zaustowicz was looking to make it a clean sweep having won the Enduro race earlier from pole and on for three wins from three heats with 2 minutes remaining.

Carter had got the gap to Purtak down to half a second but was running out of time to try and pass him for 2nd. Zaustowicz continued to pull away and made it three wins from three. Purtak came home in 2nd ahead of Carter ahead of Pender and Sienko.


Light Heat 3

Joseph Conroy led the field away with Max O’Shaughnessy and Kyle Sagartucking in behind. Too many karts tried to occupy the same piece of tarmac on the Top Straight leading to Kameron Khan getting spun around. Sagar moved into 2nd on the opening lap and got onto the rear of Conroy with the top three being caught by Axel Slijepcevic and Sam Hampshire.

These five were breaking away from the chasing pack headed by Jake Butler, but any squabbling for position would see Butler onto the back of this fight. Slijepcevic moved ahead of O’Shaughnessy on lap 4, giving Conroy and Sagar some breathing space as Butler closed in and Hampshire grabbed 4th through the penultimate corner. O’Shaughnessy looked to wave Butler through to sit in 6th as the leaders began to spread out until a mistake through the last two corners from Sagar saw Slijepcevic slip through into 2nd and closing the pack backup.

Slijepcevic closed the gap to Conroy as they started the final lap. Sjijepcevic went for the inside into turn 3 and it paid off by the time they exited Vale. Sagar pounced on Conroy for 2nd at turn 5 as the chequered flag was readied. Sjijepcevic took the win from Sagar, Conroy, Butler and Hampshire.


Inters Heat 3

Allan Curtis emerged from turn 1 with a kart length over the chasing pack with Luke Cousins Curtis’ closest challenger. Cousins was on the rear of Curtis by the end of lap 1 with Chris Alcock, Bobby Trundley and Lee Hollywood close behind. An attempt from Trundley into the penultimate corner saw Trundley get sideways and Hollywood slipping through along with Xander Mahony.

The lead group of 6 all closed up behind Curtis as Trundley got back ahead of Mahony on lap 4 with Hollywood moving into 3rd into turn 1 on lap 5. Hollywood went one better 5 corners later with a run out of Vale on Cousins, giving him 2nd and placing him on Curtis’ rear bumper. Johnathan Purton set a new fastest lap on lap 5 as Curtis proved to be harder to pass for Hollywood. Lap 6 saw Hollywood sneak through however to lead the field. Alcock was next to get ahead of Curtis as Hollywood broke away from the chasing pack. Hollywood took the win in heat 3, leading home Alcock, Trundley, Curtis and Mahony.




Zaustowicz lined up on pole after three heat wins to add to his pole and win in the Enduro race. Championship rival, Chris Carter lined up alongside him and it was Zaustowicz that made the better start to lead Carter onto the Top Straight. Jamie Pender was held out to dry on the outside of turn 3 as the rest of the field squabbled for position. At the end of lap 1 it was Zaustowicz, closely followed by Carter with a gap of 2.8 seconds back to Ben Moody, Pender, Robert Purtak, Blaze Sienko, Rob Moore and Lee Meayers. Carter looked far ‘racier’ in the final and was hassling Zaustowicz at the front as they enjoyed their own private battle for the win. Pender had progressed into 3rd and quickly put some distance between himself and Moody.

Carter saw his chance at the final corner on lap 4 and took it, taking the lead from Zaustowicz as Pender set a new fastest lap to close the gap to the two in front by over a second. Another fastest lap from Pender reduced the gap further with Pender determined to get involved in the battle for the win. The top three streaked away from Moody in 4th as Purtak held off Moore and Sienko for 5th. Another fastest lap put Pender onto the rear of Zaustowicz as Carter started to get away at the front. Carter was making the most of Zaustowicz being preoccupied with Pender on his rear bumper to stretch his lead by a tenth or two a lap.

Lap 11 saw Pender make his move for 2nd into turn 5, but Zaustowicz responded through the next two corners and regained 2nd, allowing Carter to extend his lead to 1.7 seconds. Moore had moved up into 4th ahead of Moody and Purtak but had a gap of 12.4 seconds to close down as Pender continued to pressure Zaustowicz for 2nd. Carter cruised across the line to take the win by 1.236 seconds from Zaustowicz and Pender with Moore and Moody completing the top 5.



Junior Inkart graduates, William Thomas, Axel Slijepcevic and Max O’Shaughnessy led the way for the Lights Final, followed by Championship leader Tom Golding. Thomas held on at the start to lead away from Slijepcevic and Golding with O’Shaughnessy and Jake Butler in close company. O’Shaughnessy was hot on the heels of Golding as Thomas and Slijepcevic looked to break away from the chasing pack.

Butler was dropping back in 5th in the early stages as Dom Whiting closed in, leaving Cameron Noble behind to fend off Tom Sibley, Kameron Khan and Kyle Sagar. Sibley snuck through at turn 6 to take 7th with Whiting soon moving into 5th at turn 3. Golding was in defensive mode against O’Shaughnessy with O’Shaughnessy pulling off the move for 3rd by going around the outside of turn 1. Thomas and Slijepcevic were continuing to pull away with 0.666 seconds between Thomas and Slijepcevic with a new fastest lap from Thomas – a 45.337. O’Shaughnessy was getting away from Golding and was trying to chase down the two in front of him as Whiting, Butler and Sibley began to lap in close company.


Thomas was running at his own pace at the front and steadily increased his advantage by two to three tenths a lap as O’Shaughnessy edged closer to Slijepcevic. Golding had Whiting crawling over the rear of his kart with Whiting seizing his chance at turn 3 on lap 11 to move himself into 4th with a shot at the final podium position if Whiting could close the gap of 2.5 seconds to O’Shaughnessy. Golding was now under attack from Butler with Sibley and Kameron Khan lining up behind him.

Khan had a go on Sibley through turns 5 and 6 and moved ahead to take 7th on lap 12. Butler was throwing everything at Golding, but Golding was placing his kart well as Khan began to get involved. Khan was nearly past the pair of them into turn 1 on lap 13, but could not make the move stick as the top 4 spread out and looked pretty secure in their positions.

Golding had managed to put some distance between himself and Butler as Sibley managed to regain 7th from Khan, causing them to lose ground to Butler ahead of them. A late minute lunge from Khan saw him back ahead of Sibley as the chequered flag was readied. Thomas took a maiden win ahead of Slijepcevic, O’Shaughnessy, Whiting and Golding.



Lee Hollywood and Bobby Trundley qualified on the front row with Hollywood holding the lead after the first three corners and Trundley coming under attack from Chris Alcock. Trundley fended off Alcock and set his sights firmly on Hollywood as Hollywood, Trundley and Alcock broke away from the chasing pack. Xander Mahony was sitting in 4th ahead of Jonathan Purton and Richard Lacey. Purton moved into 4th ahead of Mahony on lap 2 as Trundley set the fastest lap in his pursuit of Hollywood.

An attempted move on lap 3 at the penultimate corner, didn’t quite pay off, but a move into turn 1 two corners later saw Trundley get through as Alcock watched on. Trundley did not want to hang around and play with the two behind him as he put half a second between himself and Hollywood on lap 4 with Hollywood needing to keep a close eye on Alcock behind him. Purton was dropping back slightly from this fight, but was holding a kart length over Mahony behind him with a further kart length between Mahony and the group of Allan Curtis, Lacey, Luke Cousins and Chris Talabi behind him.


Trundley posted a new fastest lap on lap 6 – a 45.817 – to extend his lead to 8 tenths as Hollywood began to shake off Alcock, leaving him on his own in 3rd. Trundley and Hollywood began to match each other for pace, causing a bit of a stale mate as the gap remained static at 8 tenths as the field stabilised. Cousins dug deep to get back on terms with Curtis and made the move for 6th at turn 5 on lap 12 as Trundley got his head down and posted another fastest lap to open up his lead over Hollywood once more.

Cousins could sense the chance of another position as he got onto the rear of Mahony with a couple of laps remaining with another fastest lap from Trundley making the win look pretty certain. Trundley won Round 7, leading home Hollywood and Alcock, the three of them together on the podium once more. Purton came home in 4th with Mahony just holding on for 5th.


Report and Images courtesy of Daytona Motorsport


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