Easykart Round 7 Whilton Mill

Round 7, Whilton Mill, 31st August


Georgie Anker was in top form and claimed pole position in qualifying. He followed this up with a win in the first heat and the pre final to line up on pole for the main final. He was joined on the front row by another George in the form of George Evans. Scott Huntley was third with Charlotte Fox fourth. Dillon Reed rounded out the top 5.After two aborted starts which saw championship leader Harry Barlow and Christian Lilley both end up doing roly polys – fortunately without serious injuries – it was third time lucky and Georgie Anker made the most of it and lead away at the start. Evans passed Anker for the lead on lap five but Georgie Anker was having none of it and pulled off a fantastic move going into the Boot to reclaim the position. This allowed Scott Huntley to get past Evans. With Huntley and Evans now locked in a fight, this allowed Anker to build up a slight cushion. Charlotte Fox was close behind in fourth watching this all play out and ready to pounce should the boys in front of her trip over each other. Further back, Dillon Reed was in a race of his own in fifth but towards the end of the race he started to fall back into the clutches of Tyrone Stansfield and the chasing pack. Despite not having the straight line speed of Evans, Stansfield or Fox, Anker, unphased, managed to maintain a half second lead and claim a fantastic victory. Evans came home a well deserved second with Huntley third. A very mature drive saw Charlotte Fox fourth with Tyrone Stansfield completing the top five.


In the sea of tension surrounding the paddock, there was an air of calm around the number 6 garage and Esmee Hawkey, who won all the heats and disappeared from the hustle and bustle of the pit lane. It was like watching the Stig, only blonder and more feminine. Sam Faulkner joined her on the front row with Mitchell White and Jenson Murchison behind. Hawkey was jumped by Sam Faulkner and he led the pack into turn one. Lap two saw Esmee Hawkey try to take the lead back from Faulkner but she lost out to Jenson Murchison, who slipped by on the following straight. She was having none of it and managed to take the position back before the end of the lap. She then pulled off a move on Faulkner going into the Boot section, going all the way round the outside but Faulkner held his line and Hawkey found herself being forced all the way around the outside going into the final turn and drops down to third again. Murchison then tried making a move on Faulkner going down the hill into Ashby’s and the two made contact, dropping several places. This allowed Hawkey back into the lead and from there she never looked back. Faulkner, having been demoted to fifth after his coming together with Murchison, managed to work his way back up to second. However, Esmee had enough pace and she crossed the line to win by over three seconds. A great recovery drive saw Faulkner second ahead of Mitchell White. Murchison recovered to fourth but must have been left wondering what might have been.

Senior Lights

Kieran McCullough took pole ahead of Sam Massey, Owen Jenman and Patrick Lay. Jenman got the jump on Massey off the line and slot in behind McCullough. On lap three, Jenman took the lead from McCullough and a terrific battle for the lead ensued with the two drivers exchanging places several times. The whole grid was close; running nose to tail. McCullough was bumped down to fourth on lap five after a bit of contact at Ashby’s, which allowed Jenman to build up a big lead. However, Massey was on a charge and quickly caught and passed Jenman. Jenman tried coming back at him going down the hill into everyone’s favourite overtaking spot at Ashby’s and the two touched, dropping Jenman down to fourth and Massey all the way down to seventh. This incident promoted Patrick Lay into the lead closely followed by McCullough. Jenman and Massey soon started working their way back up the order and Massey overtook Jenman in the same place that Jenman tried passing him earlier.

Massey made it stick and pulled away to chase down the leaders. He soon caught Lay and McCullough who were fighting over the lead. McCullough was driving an extremely wide kart and Massey couldn’t find a way past and this squabbling allowed Lay to extend his lead over the last lap. Driving an extremely calculated and intelligent race, Patrick Lay crossed the line over a second clear of McCullough to take a well deserved win. Massey heroically claimed third ahead of Sam Dimelow and Owen Jenman.

Senior Masters

Barnaby Pittingale took pole for the final with Joe Paterson alongside and the on-form Brian Trott third. Neil Fisher joined him on row two with Roland Breadner completing the top five. The majority of the field got through lap one with Pittingale leading the way. Paterson made a move on lap two but Pittingale defended well and forced Paterson to back out of the move and lose a lot of time. This allowed Trott to get right on the rear bumper of Paterson and dive through at the hairpin on the following lap. This put Paterson under pressure from the chasing pack which was headed by Fisher, Bone, Breadner and Mace. Half distance and Paterson had established a gap to the people behind and was back past Brian Trott going down the hill into Ashby’s. Chris Bone lost out to Roland Breadner and then Simon Mace got past a few laps later. Paterson was now chasing down Pittingale. However, his earlier attempt to pass had allowed Pittingale to open up a big enough lead that Paterson couldn’t reduce in time. After 20 laps of intensity, Pittingale crossed the line to take a superb victory. A great performance by Paterson saw him claim the runner up spot and a real heroic drive after problems early in the day saw Brian Trott take a well deserved podium in third.