Easykart Will Switch To Non-MSA

The championship has run independently since 2007, hosting rounds at a number of circuits throughout the UK. But series chiefs have become concerned at the recent uncertainty for the present structure of MSA kart racing.

An Easykart statement read: “Our ethos has always been based on a safe racing environment and fair play. A level playing field is achieved on performance with realistic racing costs for kart drivers with a one-make Birel chassis and one-make IAME Easykart engine. We are a commercial company but unlike other commercial karting categories we have always hired kart circuits exclusively even though we were still organising and running an MSA event.

“Within the current structure of MSA karting, to run a commercially efficient championship is difficult and indeed costly for the organiser. In our opinion for a new driver to enter the sport with their own kart is far too complicated and expensive. Licensing procedures, ARKS test and general administration often deters people from racing karts.”

John Vigor, head of series promoter Club100, said: “We’ve been considering this since the end of last season. It wasn’t an easy decision but hopefully this will help move the championship forward. We don’t want to untie ourselves completely with the MSA, and have left the door open to go back. We look forward to its proposed [class structure] changes in 2017.

“Easykart is an entry level class. It brings drivers across from Club100 and other Arrive and Drive series getting people up and running in the sport. We feel that the regulations and costs involved deter new drivers rather than encourage them”.