2013 EKL – Elite Karting League

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IMG_0018Only the second year of operation and many teams were new to the concept.  There was a minimum weight which caught out a number of competitors throughout the series. Also, being in the right place at the right time meant that you had to be paying attention throughout the day. This all added to the fun and the drama.Teams of usually 3 or 4, 12 sprints, Dash for Cash (typically £750 split among the podium finishers), 2¼ hr Endurance.

Titan Motorsports had spent a lot of time planning their strategy and built an early lead that the pack attempted to close. The main competitors were Northampton Knights and the 2 Teesside Teams of Tigers and Thunder. As the season unfolded other teams developed expertise, transferred drivers and the results became more unpredictable Bristol Bulldogs and Worcester Whirlwinds, in particular, having good results. Many arguments raged as the Rule Book was employed to settle disputes and transgressions but the fair, friendly and consistent way the rules were implemented ensured that the drivers kept returning for this exciting form of racing.

Contact :- Bob and Tracy Pope – Teesside Autodrome 01642 – 231 117   www.teessidekarting.co.uk