EKL Round 5 Whilton Mill

Round 5 of 7 at Whilton Mill, 13 September 2014

The weather was warm and dry. Driver’s Briefing was a firm and assertive event with the usual description of prohibited actions and the penalties they attracted. Unfortunately, this needed reinforcing with a Red Flag race stoppage and a further spoken reinforcement during the day’s racing.

21 Titan Tornadoes have had a superb season so far and are leading the Championship from 4 Worcester Raptors and 3 Northampton Knights. All teams will only count their best 6 scores and so Titan Motorsport are still a big danger to the leaders when dropped scores are taken into account.


You can tell that the series has become well bedded in as the racing standard has improved and more teams are on the pace. The wins were scattered throughout the grid with two wins for Titan Msport , Coseley Cougars, Bristol Bulldogs and one win for Titan Tornadoes, Northampton Maidens, Bristol Bandits, Northampton Knights, Worcester Warlocks and Newmarket Buzzin Hornets. Titan Tornadoes also had 5 thirds which meant that they won the Sprints. 2nd Titan Mspt and 3rd Coseley Cougars only had a 3 point differential, (i.e. nothing) between them. 4th, 5th and 6th were also bunched with a 50 pt spread

Dash for Cash

This is always a frantic but exciting race and required 2 a. empts to get the race underway as the front rows a. empted a jump start. The eventual front two made a break on lap 8 when a battle developed near the front and 3rd Worcester Warlocks managed to take 3rd.The £350 first prize was won by 3 Northampton Knights with 1 Titan Mspt claiming £250 and 15 Worcester Warlocks the £125. (Since the actual amount depends on the grid size these fi gures are approximate.)

2 hr Endurance


15 Worcester Warlocks came from their good showing in the Dash for Cash to get Pole in the Endurance followed by 1 Titan Mspt , 30 Northampton Dark Knights, 4 Worcester Raptors and 14 Wildcard Racing. There was only half a second between the front five qualifiers.


Endurance racing requires a sublimation of the red mist and cool heads as traffic is negotiated. Also there is a technical element to ensure that the correct ballast is added at driver changes so that when the stint is finished the min weight is exceeded when the kart is driven over the weighbridge. Approximately 8 teams were penalised for being underweight. This, naturally, had a large effect on the result.15 Worcester Warlocks started to lose position at lap 28 and steadily moved down the leaderboard which was compounded with an underweight penalty.1 Titan Mspt used their vast experience and speed to finish 30sec in front of 4 Worcester Raptors and almost lapping 9 Newmarket Hornets in 3rd.

Ladies Championship

There are 5 teams in this class and for the second event running 37 Northampton Maidens have won this class. The standard is excellent with achieving a Sprint win and rising to 6th in the overall EKL Championship

EKL Championship

Since last event 21 Titan Tornadoes have consolidated their lead and it is looking ominous for the rest. It appears as though it is theirs to lose and steady driving to the season end, with a weather eye out for their “partner” team should result in the Championship win. However, nothing is in the bag until the fat lady sings. In 2nd Worcester Raptors are continuing to pull away. In 3rd 6 Teesside Tigers have suffered a poor result for them and are falling into the clutches of Coseley Cougars in 4th.