LGM & X30 TOUR Round 4

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Round 4 at Whilton Mill

It was a day when changeable weather conditions tested the judgement of team managers and privateers. For the mechanics there was little chance of resting up between races as kart set-ups were altered onto dry settings and then hastily changed back again as rain clouds appeared.

As a stand-alone meeting providing lots of track time, you might think this one would have created less problems for the organisers. Maybe it was all the chopping and changing that dampened spirits, but Mike Mills must have gone home with sore ears a?er listening to a stack of complaints. Unfortunately, just about all of them were beyond his powers to control.

LGM Championships for IAME Cadet

At least no-one in the AIM team appeared to be complaining,
as all their drivers adapted well to track conditions. This was especially true of Dexter Pa?erson, who emerged from his three Heats with a win and two runner-up spots to claim pole position for the “A” Final. Si?ing alongside him on the front row was Harry Thompson, with Joseph Taylor, Taylor Barnard, Bray Kenneally and Jonny Edgar making up the next four places. Although wet tyres had been used in four of the five Heats, everyone came out for the “A” Final on slicks.

Pa?erson took an immediate lead, closely followed by Thompson and Taylor. Edgar had made an unusually tardy start to this race and initially dropped down to 12th spot. A?er half
a dozen laps had been completed, however, he hit the front bringing Thompson along with him. Thompson then pulled off a risky manoeuvre to take 1st spot and Edgar found himself hung out to dry. Edgar’s woes increased when he was forced onto the

grass and dropped down to 11th place. Within the space of just one lap Thompson and Pa?erson had pulled out a 40 yard gap over their opponents.

Pa?erson somehow got his wheels ahead of Thompson on the last lap to record a much needed victory. Behind them it was all change as Edgar made a strong recovery to grab 3rd position. Dragan Pinsent had been going well in 4th spot but then got involved in an incident that resulted in him taking a shortcut that subsequently led to his exclusion. That le? Finlay Bunce in 4th ahead of Brandon Martland, Georgi Dimitrov and Clayton Ravenscro?. A?er starting his final tour holding 3rd position, Taylor dropped down the running order and eventually finished 8th.

Junior X30 Tour

Alfie Brown Angus Fender, Callum Bradshaw and Eddie Hack all emerged as Heat winners. Brown claimed pole position for the “A” Final and he immediately opened up a huge lead over Bradshaw. Further back there was mayhem as Mario Mills, Anderson Chilco?, Max Jeanne, Taylor Bellini, Jonathan Browne, James Taylor and Billy Matlock were all involved in a first lap collision. A?er a couple of laps had been completed, Jac Maybin took over 2nd spot, but he was already 50 yards or more behind Brown.

With Brown pressing on relentlessly out in front, a?ention focused on the ba?le for 2nd place. Bradshaw moved ahead
of Maybin, only to lose out a lap or so later. Saul Robinson then took over 2nd spot with Bradshaw and Maybin challenging strongly. By half distance Maybin had begun to drop off the pace and he was soon overtaken by Yukinori Ishii. Davey Shepherd took 4th position from Ishii shortly a?erwards. Brown’s lead
had extended to almost 200 yards by lap 18 when Harrison Wedgbury le? the circuit and collided with a lamppost. This brought out the red flags with 3 laps remaining.

Senior X30 Tour

Mark Litchfield claimed pole position for the “A” Final with his teammate Oliver Hodgson alongside. Their benefactor and team boss, Paul Fletcher, wasn’t entirely happy however. “We’ve had good Heat results but I don’t think either Oliver or Mark is quick enough to win the final,” declared Paul. As if determined to prove him wrong, Litchfield stormed off into an early lead but was soon overtaken by Gus Lawrence who kept his place at the front for most of the race despite strong pressure initially from Hodgson.

Danny Keirle had started this race from grid 11 but soon began to make up ground. With two thirds of the race still remaining, he went into 2nd place, but dropped back to 4th by half distance. Litchfield appeared to be having a torrid time and by this stage was lying 7th. With four laps remaining Keirle hit the front, taking Hodgson along with him. Litchfield moved up to 4th spot close behind Lawrence. Derek Morgan was also challenging strongly in 5th position. Keirle was able to take advantage of the ba?le behind him and claimed victory with some 40 yards to spare. Hodgson finished 2nd followed by Litchfield who had managed to get past Lawrence. Morgan took 5th followed by Jacob Stilp.rr4