Little Green Man Championships & X30 Tour Round 3

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Championships & X30 Tour, Round 3 At Larkhall

Weather conditions weren’t ideal when 120 LGM and X30 contenders came together for the first “stand alone” meeting in these championships. Short sharp showers brought about frequent changes to the circuit and mechanics were kept extremely busy all day, as wets were swapped for slicks only to be switched back again moments later.

“There are two circuits in Britain where you should never hold championship meetings before July or August,” grumbled Mark Rose. “Rowrah’s one and this is the other.”

Mark Rose was at Larkhall working on the Fullerton kart driven by Philip Rawson in Senior X30. Mark Litchfield had also chosen this particular chassis in preference to his CRG. “We’ve done a lot of testing over in Italy, but always in dry conditions,” said Terry Fullerton. “This is the first time we’ve actually run in the wet and I’m pleased with the results so far.” Litchfield lined up for the “A” Final on grid 3 behind Josh Hatt?on and Oliver Hodgson, while Rawson found himself on grid 5.

Ha?tton took an early lead in the final followed by Hodgson and Rawson, with 4th place man Jacob Stilp also looking strong. Litchfield was slow off the marks and he suffered for his tardiness two corners later by ge?ing involved in a collision that dropped him down to 23rd spot. Also affected was Danny Keirle who had started alongside Litchfield on grid 4. Hodgson went into 1st place a?er four laps and remorselessly pulled away from Hatt?on therea?er to win with a 70 yard margin.. Rawson held onto 3rd spot

for most of this race, but came under increasing pressure from Ross Martin who managed to overtake him with the chequered flag in sight. Stilp finished some 40 yards behind Rawson in 5th spot, with Jamie Flynn taking 6th ahead of Dan Stocks and Chad Li?le. Having come through from the B Final, Gus Lawrence had made good progress to eventually claim 9th spot.

Junior X30 competitors Alfie Brown and Callum Bradshaw were braving the Sco?ish weather, both fortified by the promise of warmer conditions out in Spain for the CIK Academy event a week a?erwards. Brown had looked particularly impressive in
his Heats, claiming 1st, 2nd and 4th positions that placed him
on pole for the “A” Final alongside Jack Gordon. Brown made a quick getaway, initially followed by Saul Robinson who lost out
to Gordon a lap later. Callum Bradshaw had started this race off grid 7 but soon claimed 4th spot ahead of Cameron Fisher. Mario Mills became an early casualty when he retired half way around lap 2, while Angus Fender got involved in a separate incident that dropped him down to 27th position.

Gordon was clearly circulating quicker than Brown and, aft?er half a dozen laps he’d caught up with the BKC driver, passing him almost immediately. Robinson held onto 3rd spot until just before half distance when he was involved in an incident that cost him six places and, rather more worryingly, around 200 yards. Robinson’s demise promoted Fisher into 3rd spot, but there was no catching Gordon who, by this stage, had established a massive lead over Brown. Eddie Hack finished in 4th spot, 100 yards or so behind Fisher with Callum Bradshaw narrowly winning the batt?le for 5th over Anderson Chilco?.

With a win and two 2nd place finishes from his Heats, Jonny Edgar made certain of pole position for the “A” Final in LGM Cadets, thus claiming three important bonus points. As they lined up on the grid, track conditions appeared to be fairly dry so most competitors had chosen slicks. One or two eagle eyed mechanics had anticipated the weather changing and they’d opted for wet tyres beforehand. Their foresight went unrewarded as pit-lane arguments with officials resulted in the start of this race being delayed. By that time heavy rain had appeared, leaving the circuit awash. Race officials decided on a further delay for tyres to be changed and the top teams took advantage of this concession to alter gearing ratios as well.

Edgar led from the start but was temporarily replaced by Harry Thompson half-way around the opening lap. He regained 1st spot almost immediately but therea?er had Thompson, Owen Marlow and Dimitrov following close behind. Back in 5th place, Dexter Pa?erson struggled to keep tabs on the leading foursome. Edgar led for 15 laps but was then overtaken by Thompson who dragged Marlow through with him. Dimitrov started to fall behind until, with a couple of laps still remaining, he was overtaken by Pa?erson. Edgar had regained 2nd spot and this time it was Marlow’s turn to fall off the pace.

They began their final tour with Edgar pressing Thompson extremely hard. Thompson was forced into a defensive line and this brought Marlow back into play along with Patterson and Dimitrov. Edgar looked ready to mount a further attack on Thompson when he suddenly discovered Patterson slipping up his inside. For a moment the front three karts were alongside each other, but Thompson held on to claim an impressive hat trick of LGM victories. Patterson took 2nd spot closely followed by Edgar, Marlow and Dimitrov. Brandon Martland had come through from grid 25 to finish 6th, albeit around 100 yards behind the leaders.

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