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OEKC British Championship Round 4 Report

OEKC British Championship Round 4 Report

2017 Championship Round 4 Fulbeck

The teams arrived at Fulbeck to a cold, windy day for round 4 of the 2017 championship.

After 1 hour of practice the teams entered the 15 minute qualifying session ready for action.  As usual pole position changed hands frequently in the qualifying session finally settling with VIVO on pole and Specsavers in second. Row had KKC & 12D both teams qualified with exactly the same time of 46.29. G-Tech & JT took row three. Clubman team BR-eight took seventh place alongside TTM. TT Sport and Project 4 completed the top ten. The top ten were qualified within 1.1 seconds of each other.

Shorthly after the race started KKC moved into 1st place with Specsavers second and Vivo third. An engine problem meant G-Tech’s bad luck continued at Fulbeck as they lost 10 laps sorting the problem. By lap 40 Specsavers were in the lead with Insure2Drive right behind and KKC third. The top 8 teams were all still on the same lap. The first three teams were in the same places as they passed lap 80. By lap 100 Insure2Drive  were in front of Specsavers and KKC were still third. Vivo were a lap behind and JT were a further lap back. As the leaders reached the 133rd lap in sixth place were BR-eight, TTM and Project-4  all on lap 130.

By lap 200 KKC had moved past Specsavers into second place. Vivo were fourth and JT fifth. Project-4 had moved into sixth place past BR-eight and TTM. Following their lengthy pit stop some hard, fast driving placed G-Tech in the top ten.  As the leaders I2D passed lap 250 they were a lap ahead of Specsavers who were now back in second place 1.7 seconds in front of KKC. Project-4 were now eight behind TTM and BR-eight. BR-eight suffered a snapped axle on lap 275.

As lap 300 passed the leaders, Insure2Drive were a lap ahead of KKC in second place. Specsavers were just 4.3 seconds further back. Vivo were two laps further back and two laps ahead of JT. TTM were a further two laps back in sixth place 5.7 seconds ahead of Project-4.

After four and a half hours and 343 laps of wheel to wheel racing Insure2Drive took the win from KKC 2nd with Specsavers third, a lap behind the winners.  Project-4 were the winning Clubman team beating TT Sport who were second and BR-eight third. Top Promax team were Synergy Syndicate who finished in tenth place.

For the first time ever, the OEKC will visit Clay Pigeon on June 18th for round 5 of the championship.

For more info, visit www.oekc.co.uk                 

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