OEKC British Championship Round 7 Report

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2017 British Championship Round 7,  Fulbeck, Lincs

Following a full day of practice on the Saturday, the teams arrived for Sunday’s race to a warm dry morning and it got hotter throughout the day.

One hour of pre-race practice was immediately followed by 15 minutes qualifying. Local team BAAWWOOON took pole just over a 1/10th ahead of VIVO. Insure2drive and Specsavers filled row 2 ahead of Team JT and  TT Sport. Row 4 consisted of Team Sage & Project 4. Completing the top 10 were BR8 & KKC. Less than a second covered the top 10 teams.

Unusually for an OEKC endurance race, the first couple of laps saw numerous incidents. Two teams pitted for replacement axles and others were relegated from the front of the grid to the back whist trying to avoid on track incidents. JT & Specsavers lost their excellent starting positions and now needed to move back up the grid.

By Lap 40 VIVO were leading with Insure2drive second. ITS cars third and Team Sage fourth. Team JT 11 seconds ahead of Specsavers. Project 4 were seventh and BR8 eighth. All these teams were on the same lap and separated 32 seconds overall.  40 Laps later and VIVO were still leading Insure2drive and ITs cars. Specsavers were now up to fourth followed by Team Sage & Team JT.  A great effort by TTM ( To the Max ) had got them up to seventh place. Promax team, Synergy Syndicate were on the same lap, but 3 seconds behind TTM. KKC changed an engine and this left them well down the field. Another 40 laps and Insure2drive were now leading VIVO with Team JT third and Specsavers fourth. Polesitters Baawwooon were moving up the field & were now in tenth place and Specsavers took fastest lap at 45.71

As the teams reached 160 laps Insure2drive were a lap ahead of VIVO who were a lap ahead of Team JT & Specsavers. Team Sage completed the top 5 teams just ahead of BR8 & Synergy Syndicate.   ITs Cars were suffering from various mechanical issues and were now running last.

With one hour to go Insure2 drive lead the race 2 laps ahead of Specsavers. VIVO were now third and Team JT fourth ahead of Team Sage. Project 4 were now tenth just behind Baawwooon and BR8. By the 300th lap Insure2drive were a lap in front of Specsavers who were a lap ahead of VIVO. Team JT were fourth, two laps in front of Team Sage on 295 laps. TTM, Synergy Syndicate, Baawwwooon and BR8 were all on 294 laps.

The 4.5 hour OEKC race ended with Insure2drive completing 341 laps. Specsavers were second and VIVO third, both on 340 laps         BR8 won Clubman class with Project 4 second and TT Sport third.

Promax team Synergy Syndicate finished ahead of all the Clubman class teams. An excellent effort by Synergy Syndicate.

Next OEKC race is on  September 17th at Whilton Mill

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