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OEKC British Championship Round 2 Report

OEKC British Championship Round 2 Report

Drivers arrived at Bayford Meadows in Kent for round 2 of the OEKC to dull weather, but a dry track.

Some drivers had not visited Bayford Meadows before and they took advantage of the one hour practice session to familiarise themselves with the circuit. Then the 15 minutes of qualifying started and the lap times started to drop. Despite using Maxxis HG1 tyres the drivers posted excellent lap times with Specsavers taking pole with a time of 47.55secs and Insure 2 Drive were alongside with a 47.56 lap. G-Tech and J T filled row two with TTM & Clubmans team Project4 just behind. The fourth row consisted of  GMS1 and Peach racing. The top 10 teams qualified within a second of each other.


Project 4 pushing hard

The teams assembled on the grid ready for the two rolling up laps. The drivers approached the start in an exemplary fashion, equally separated, in their correct grid position and without any overtaking before the start line, perfect. Specsavers, Insure 2 Drive & G-Tech quickly moved away from the main pack of drivers, but they were not far behind.  Lap 37 saw the top 12 teams still all on the same lap and that included Promax team Synergy Syndicate. A pit stop for a new sprocket and a broken chain left KKC chasing hard from the back. By the time the teams passed the 100 lap point Insure 2 Drive were leading Specsavers by 7 seconds. GMS-1 & G-Tech were a lap behind. The next five teams were Project4, JT, VIVO, Peach Racing and Synergy Syndicate and they were all two laps behind the leaders.

50 laps later and the top four teams were in the same positions. Enzo Motorsport2 had suffered some mechanical issues and dropped down the grid. Team Sage were making up ground following a faulty exhaust repair and TTM were recovering from a pit stop for a puncture repair.  Shortly before the 200th lap there was red flag incident which resulted in a break whilst the drivers involved were checked over and the broken karts removed from the circuit. Following the unscheduled break the rest of the grid were reassembled in the positions they were in before the red flag incident.


Team Specsavers keeping Insure2Drive Honest

By the 200th lap,  Insure2Drive and Specsavers were only 2 seconds apart and 2 laps ahead of G-Tech who were now third with GMS-1 in fourth. Vivo were now running in fifth and Project4 sixth. JT were in a solid seventh place just a lap behind.

Despite the long break for the red flag incident the winning team still completed 287 laps. After 4.5 hours racing Insure2Drive finished first with Specsavers less than 10 seconds behind. G-Tech took a well deserved third place. The Clubman winners were GMS-1 who finished fourth overall, three laps behind the winners. Project4 took second place and Enzo Motorsport1 took third place. A great drive by Promax winners Synergy Syndicate left them in eighth place overall and just 7 laps behind the race winners.  At 165kg the Promax class runs 10kg lighter than the Premier and Clubman classes and it is proving to be reliable, fast and very competitive with the senior max teams. Check out the excellent Karting Magazine article    


For more info, visit www.oekc.co.uk                  OEKC Round 3 is at Whilton Mill on April 9th

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