OEKC Round 2 Whilton Mill

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OEKC 2014 rnd 2 edited pics 676Twenty three teams arrived at Whilton Mill for round two of the OEKC 2014 Championship to yet another bright sunny day. The track was sticky with rubber left from the Club races of the previous week and this lead to some set up issues for the teams. Following the hour long practice session the teams attacked the qualifying session with determination. Ikonn put in a quick lap early on, but they were pipped for pole by Specsavers with a 46.57 lap and just 3 minutes qualifying to go. Row two had Bumpdraft alongside Box-Tech. JRJ & TT Sport filled row 3 in front of Kartmasters & OMR. KKC took row 5 alongside HVAC1. IJM were in eleventh and started alongside Screwloose Racing.

From the start Specsavers raced into the lead from their pole position with Ikonn pushing them hard. An early faux pas by two other teams meant Blue Lizard had to take evasive action and this lead to them dropping to 23rd, last place.At least they ahd 4.5 hours to climb back up the grid!   By lap 25 Specsavers had a one lap lead with the next fourteen teams just a lap behind. As the teams reached 100 laps Specsavers were still a lap ahead of the following pack. Box-Tech were now second with Ikonn third. Bumpdraft fourth & JRJ 5th. All on 99 laps.

The next 8 teams were all within 3 laps of Box-Tech. GKD retired with a broken clutch & Screwloose were suffering from numerous issues causing regular pit stops. A further 50 laps and the only change at the top was Ikonn dropping to fifth place. IJM, To The Max & STI were gradually moving up the leader board. MTH had dropped down the placings due to a broken seat stay. Taylors Autos were also spending too much time in the pits to make an impression on the leaderboard. By the 200 lap mark Specsavers had gained a 3 lap lead. KKC were now running second with Bumpdraft third. JRJ and TT Sport sat 4th & 5th with HVAC1 6th.

A seized engine dropped Ikonn well down the grid whilst a replacement was fitted. As the race progressed, Bumpdraft reeled in Specsavers & moved ahead of KKC. By 240 laps Bumpdraft were level with Specsavers and a lap ahead of KKC, JRJ and TT Sport.A pit stop to replace a radiator meant Volga Racing were now down in 20th place with Kartmasters just behind. VIVO lost their lead weights and the pit stop dropped them further down the grid.  A broken bumper on the Box-Tech kart meant they also dropped down the grid to 10th place.

Over the next 30 laps Specsavers achieved a cushion of 3 laps over Bumpdraft who were now just ahead of KKC. TT Sport & HVAC1 were a lap behind them. After a solid drive, Blue Lizard were now in the top ten with OMR a place behind, just ahead of JRJ. Specsavers reached 300 laps with a 2 lap lead over Bumpdraft and KKC, who were both on the same lap. Blue Lizard were now running in sixth just ahead of JRJ and OMR who were also on the same lap. Another mechanical issue caused Box-Tech to drop down the grid just as Ikonn were reaching tenth place. The race reached the 4.5 hour mark with Specsavers having completed 333 laps. The next three teams were Bumpdraft, KKC & TT Sport all on 331 laps.

HVAC1 finished fifth with Blue Lizard two laps behind. OMR took seventh and IJM were 8th. DAMage finished ninth and STI racing tenth. Fastest lap was 46.61 by Specsavers.

Premier Class     1st Specsavers     2nd   Bumpdraft    3rd  KKC

Clubman Class  1st  IJM                   2nd  DAMage         3rd  STI Racing

Prokart Winners    Burton Racing