OEKC – Round 4

Round 4, Lydd, Kent

Box-Tech win by 3 seconds after 395 laps!

After a 60 minute practice session, the top 11 teams all finished within a second of each other. Ikonn took pole with a time of 38.59, Screwloose in 11th managed a 39.51.

Shortly after the start HVAC 1 & OMR were having mechanical issues as were RSA & MTH. As the teams reached 50 laps Ikonn held the lead with Box Tech 4 seconds behind. Kartmasters, Specsavers & Bumpdraft followed them within 20 seconds of the leaders.By the hundredth lap Box-Tech had moved to the front with Bumpdraft and KKC a lap behind & TT Sport a lap behind them. JRJ had used the intervening 50 laps to move up to 5th 2 seconds ahead of Ikonn. Clubman teams Volga Karting were just outside the top 10 with STI 2 laps behind them. RSA were still having problems and languished in last place. As the teams reached lap 180 Box Tech were still leading, but Ikonn had made their way back up to second place with Specsavers third & Kartmasters fourth.

Blue Lizard suffered a mechanical failure and following a long pitstop they were down to 15th place. By lap 270 Ikonn had taken back first place from Box Tech with Specsavers still in third place. Screwloose were now up to fifth followed by Volga Karting & JRJ. TT Sport & Bumpdraft finished off the top 10. Kartmasters who were running an IAME X30 pitted to find the reeds had broken causing them to retire early after running well amongst the Rotax teams. The teams reached & passed the 300 lap point with Box Tech back in the lead. Specsavers were now second with Ikonn third. KKC were still fourth,but 9 laps behind the leaders. HVAC2 were now in the top 10& STI were looking to join them as they lapped in 11th place.

A drive through penalty for HVAC1 hindered their attempts to move further up the grid. By lap 350 Box Tech & Specsavers were in a race of their own with Ikonn 3 laps behind. KKC were a further 4 laps down. Screwloose were 8 laps off the lead. JRJ were back in the top 10, running in 6th with Bumpdraft recovering well from a broken chain & only 11 laps behind the leaders and in 7th place. 10th place HVAC2 had HVAC1 just 2 laps behind them. As the race neared its completion, Box Tech & Specsavers were running bumper to bumper. The last 20 laps had the spectators & mechanics all watching the front runners race hard & change places several times wondering who would take the win. Then with a third of a lap remaining Specsavers ran out of fuel & coasted to the finish. Box Tech had taken the win by 3 seconds as Specsavers rolled quietly over the line with nothing, but petrol fumes to propel them.Ikonn took a well deserved third place