OEKC Round 6 Whilton Mill

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Championship Round 6, August 17th, Whilton Mill

Despite it being August, the OEKC Championship arrived at Whilton mill to a wet & overcast day.

The 22 teams included new teams KartpartsUK, BP Motorsport and AEM Products. The teams used the wet 60 minutes practice session to familiarise themselves with the circuit & set up their karts ready for qualifying. The track started drying as qualifying started. However the mixed conditions led to an interesting 15 minutes. The end result put Box-Tech on pole with HVAC1 alongside. Row two had 2 new teams KartpartsUK.com & AEM Products with Specsavers & TT sport behind. OMR & HVAC2 filled row 4 with Bumpdraft and Blue Lizard occupying row 5.

A fast start, followed by an early charge by AEM Products put them in second place and chasing Box-Tech hard. By lap 10 AEM Products were leading the race with Box-Tech now chasing them and Specsavers sitting just behind in third place. By the 25th lap Box-Tech were back in the lead with AEM Products right behind. KKC were now in the top 10 and TT Sport had dropped back to 14th place. The top 21 teams were still on the same lap. As the teams reached lap 40 Specsavers had taken the lead with Box-Tech second and a tiring AEM Poducts in third. Bumpdra. were up to 4th with HVAC1, KartpartsUK and OMR right behind. To the Max had moved up from 15th to 9th place.

A solid run from GKD using an IAME X30 put them 11th, one lap behind the leaders. Several teams stopped on track due to miscalculating their fuel useage. This dropped them down the grid whilst their karts were recovered from the circuit. DAMage were running steadily and maintain a mid grid position. As the teams passed the 100 lap point Box-Tech were back in the lead, Specsavers were second & HVAC1 were now third. AEM Products were now outside the top 10 and suffering various minor mechanical issues. JRJ were now 6th, right behind To the Max in 5th. Screwloose in 7th were being chased by Volga Karting and a fast recovering Blue Lizard. BP Motorsport were suffering from tiredness and dropped down the grid to 21st place. OMR were a place above them due to an engine misfire and STI retired with a cracked Tonykart chassis.

Box-Tech lost time due to running out of fuel on track & this put them several laps behind the new leaders KKC. JRJ were now up to third place with Screwloose in fourth, Blue Lizard 5th & Volga Karting 6th. All these teams being on lap 180 and 2 laps behind the leaders. HVAC1 suffered a water leak and quickly dropped down the grid whilst a replacement was fi . ed. As KKC passed the 255 lap point they were followed by Specsavers, a lap behind and JRJ a lap behind them. Volga Karting, Screwloose, Blue Lizard and Box-Tech were all on lap 252. Bumpdra. & Vivo were recovering well from cracked brake disc replacements. KKC reached lap 292 with Specsavers still a lap behind. JRJ were still third on the same lap as Volga karting in 4th. Box-Tech were now in 5th place. HVAC2 were running 9th and TT Sport completed the top 10.

When the chequered flag fell after 4.5 hours of racing the winners KKC had completed 329 laps as had Spesavers in second place. JRJ took third place, their best placing of the season and completed the Premier class winners. Box-Tech had recovered to 4th place and just 2 laps behind the winners and a few seconds ahead of Blue Lizard. Volga Karting took the Clubman class winners trophy with HVAC2 second and DAMage 3rd. GKD won the open class and Big Blue took the Prokart winners trophy.