OEKC Round 7, 2014

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OEKC Championship Round 7, Daytona Milton Keynes
After 4.5 hours racing the top 3 teams all finish on the same lap… 268!

The penultimate race of the OEKC 2014 championship was the OEKC’s annual visit to Daytona MK. A best ever turnout for OEKC at Daytona of 22 teams were greeted by a bright sunny day. After sitting through the Martin Brundle track briefing the teams started their 60 minute practice. For several teams this was a first ever visit to Daytona MK. The qualifying session ended with KKC in pole position. Screwloose were alongside with Specsavers 3rd & STI 4th. Box-Tech and Kartmasters filled row 3 with OMR & Bumpdraft right behind.

Qualifying issues forced JRJ to start from the back of the grid. As the race started the front runners gained a small lead over the chasing pack, but by lap 52 Specsavers were leading with Kartmasters 2nd HVAC1 3rd and Box-Tech 4th. Although on the same lap as the leaders, KKC had dropped from 1st to 9th with Screwloose 10th. A rogue barrier with 2 bolts protruding had caused several teams to suffer bent axles or bent wheel rims. The pit stops to repair these problems shuffled the grid and left some premier class teams languishing at the bottom of the lap charts. These included TT Sport, Ikonn, Bumpdraft & VIVO. With just over 2.5 hours to go Box-Tech were leading with JRJ just behind.

KKC were back up to 3rd , Specsavers 4th & Kartmasters 5th. Clubman team, Volga Karting were 5th with OMR in 6th. Easypeasy racing were finding this race anything but easy and they struggling at the back of the grid with Team Angels. After a further 30 minutes racing the top four teams were unchanged and HVAC1 were now 5th. Clubman team MTH had replaced Volga Karting in the top 10. A seized engine caused X30 Kartmasters to retire. By lap number 195 Box-Tech were a lap ahead of KKC & Specsavers. JRJ were now 4th & Blue Lizard were up to 6th from 8th. 7th placed MTH were still the highest placed Clubman team with HVAC2 10th. The top ten teams were covered by 10 laps. With less than an hours racing to go KKC were back on the same lap as leaders Box-Tech.

Specsavers were a lap behind in third place. OMR were now 6th and DAMage sat just outside the top 10. Easypeasy racing were now 18th, a place ahead of To The Max. As the teams approached the 4 and a quarter hour and 250 lap mark, To The Max had swapped places with Easypeasy racing. STi were now in tenth place just ahead of HVAC2 and DAMage. After 4.5 hours of racing, the top 3 teams all finished the race on lap 268 and covered by under 58 seconds. Box- Tech took the chequered flag, with KKC second and HVAC1 3rd. The Clubman class was won by MTH with STi second and HVAC2 3rd.

Race dates, rules & regs and championship points can be found at www.oekc.co.uk or on the OEKC Facebook page.