Rugby Kart Club Round 1 Race Report

Track: Whilton Mill

Date: 13th February 2016

The 2016 season kicked off at the fast Whilton Mill circuit in Daventry with overcast skies and a damp track. Throughout the day it would lightly drizzle and the temperature would never climb above 4C all day. Old faces and newcomers alike took to the track, Lightweights first, followed by Mediumweights and Heavyweights grouped together for Group 2. With week old karts and a greasy track, it was a learning curve for all concerned.

New for this season is the ‘joker’ system. Drivers are given two opportunities to double their points for a single race during the season. These jokers cannot be played in the same weekend as each other, and to avoid sudden tactical play hours before the race starts, jokers are secretly passed to series organiser Clark Cowell before the Wednesday before the event. Nobody knows who plays a joker until the end of the day’s racing.

There is also an extra round for 2016 taking the total to 10 rounds, and 20 races through the year. Drivers are allowed to drop their four worst scores. Scoring is as per the F1 scoring system:- 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. No points for 11th or below, and no bonus points for fastest lap or pole position.

In the Lightweights, Karl Spencer chose to defend his 2015 title by winning both of his races. In second was newcomer Andrew Strike while third place was shared by Ross Barnacle (Race 1) and Robert Lewis (Race 2). Spencer has a 14 point lead.

Lightweight Group:

Karl Spencer – 50pts

Andrew Strike – 36pts

Ross Barnacle – 27pts


In the Medium weights, Trevor Hansford did the double by winning both races for his class, while Jason Whittle and Paul Low shared the spoils through both races for second and third places. Hansford takes a 17 point lead going into round two.

Medium weight Group:

Trevor Hansford – 50pts

Jason Whittle – 33pts

Paul Low – 33pts


In the Heavyweight group, Chris Cheetham won both of his class races finishing ahead of Andrew Fellows in both. Michael Cort finished third in race 1 while newcomer Joshua Parker took third place in the second race. Cheetham leads by 39 points by virtue of playing a double points ‘joker’ in his second race.

Heavyweight Group:

Chris Cheetham – 75pts (1 Joker)

Andrew Fellows – 36pts

Chris Czora – 32pts (1 Joker)


Round two is at Daytona Tamworth on March 12th.


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