Rugby Kart Club Round 2 Race Report

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Venue: Daytona Tamworth, 12th March 2016

Round 2 saw us visit Daytona Tamworth for the second time in RKC history, and we were blessed with a glorious day, perfect for racing. Championship leaders were aiming to improve their standing with good results early on in the season, while those further down were hoping for a swift change of fortune. Drivers were all out on track together, allowing for a 28 driver grid, spread across the three usual classes.


Reigning champion Karl Spencer won both of his races, making it a full house this season with four wins from four races. His 100 point tally gives him a 37 point lead over second placed Andrew Strike. The other podium finishers were Bob Moss (second in race 1), Adam Boon on his return to RKC (second in race 2), Andrew Strike (third in race 1) and Chris Pease (third in race 2).

Lights Podium (left to right): Chris Pease, Bob Moss, Karl Spencer, Andrew Strike


Championship leader Trevor Hansford was unable to race due to illness, so the spoils would be guaranteed to go to someone else after Hansford dominated the previous round. Andrew Spencer duly took up position by winning both races in the Mediumweight class. With Spencer missing the first round, he would therefore only tie with Hansford in joint second place. Newcomer Slawek Piskorz came second in both races, while another newcomer Nigel Brown finished third in both. Jason Whittle, who won the Heavyweight Championship last season, finished fourth in both races which was enough to give him the championship lead by 7 points.

Medium’s Podium (left to right): Slawek Piskorz, Andrew Spencer, Nigel Brown


Chris Cheetham dominated the first round of the season and was hoping to just maintain the lead he had. As it happened, his nearest rival Andrew Fellows had a shocking round and it fell to Paul Malin, back from an operation last month, to take the challenge to Chris. Ahead of them, Matthew Spencer won both races. Cheetham and Malin finished second and third in both races, Cheetham ahead in race 1 before swapping places for race 2. This gives Cheetham a 56 point lead from Andrew Fellows, extended from 39 points. Spencer jumps into third place just 2 points behind Fellows.

Heavy’s Podium (left to right): Chris Cheetham, Matthew Spencer, Paul Malin

The next round of the championship takes place at Sutton Circuit in Leicester on April 16th. To book in with us, simply email Club Organiser Clark Cowell at stating name and weight in kilos (so we can put you into the right class). Membership is free.



  1. Karl Spencer – 100 points
  2. Andrew Strike – 63 points
  3. Bob Moss – 41 points
  4. Chris Pease – 41 points


  1. Jason Whittle – 57 points
  2. Trevor Hansford – 50 points
  3. Andrew Spencer – 50 points


  1. Chris Cheetham – 108 points
  2. Andrew Fellows – 52 points
  3. Matthew Spencer – 50 points

Report by Chris Cheetham

Photos by Andrew Fellows


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