Rugby Kart Club Round 3 Report

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Venue: Sutton Circuit, Broughton Astley

The third meeting of 2016 saw us arrive at the small but technical Sutton Circuit in Broughton Astley, Leicester. The clouds followed everyone from all directions as we got going, and the threat of them dumping their contents on the track never went. As it happened, the heavens opened 15 minutes after we left.

Sutton had taken delivery of new karts but we were too early to use them as they were still being built in the workshop. This meant we used the old fleet, which was good as we all knew how they’d handle.

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Karl Spencer had dominated the proceedings so far this season, winning all 4 previous races. His run would end here, as he finished 3rd and 2nd in his two races. He still leads the championship by a healthy margin though. Andrew Strike took the spoils in the first race, also playing one of his two double points Jokers, taking the win value to 50 points. Ross Barnacle showed he has the speed as he took 3rd place in the first race.

For the second race, Bob Moss took a well deserved victory from Spencer. Andrew Strike followed his win up with a fantastic 3rd place in this race. With Strike playing his Joker as he won, Spencer now has a 5 point lead going to Whilton Mill in 4 weeks time.

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1st – Karl Spencer – 133 points

2nd – Andrew Strike – 128 points (1 Joker played)

3rd – Bob Moss – 78 points

4th – Ross Barnacle – 67 points

5th – Chris Pease – 41 points


If Karl didn’t dominate the races in the LW class, his namesake most certainly did in the MW class. Both races won in style. In the first race, newcomer Alex Williams finished 2nd with regular Trevor Hansford finishing in 3rd place.

In the second race, another newcomer, Jordan Taylor took 2nd place behind Spencer, while in 3rd was yet another new driver. Noel Uhure showed class to take a podium. Jokers were played in the second race by Hansford, and also by Jason Whittle, who finished 6th. Spencer leads by 11 points from Hansford, with Whittle lying 3rd.

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1st – Andrew Spencer – 100 points

2nd – Trevor Hansford – 89 points (1 Joker played)

3rd – Jason Whittle – 79 points (1 Joker played)

4th – Paul Low – 41 points

5th – Sam Lennox – 38 points


The HW class results were turned upside down compared to the form of the previous races. Neil Graham recorded his first win in the first race, with Club Organiser Clark Cowell finishing 2nd. Chris Cheetham managed damage limitation for his title hopes by finishing in 3rd place. Paul Malin ran out of road on one corner and lost a few places. Knowing that the second race was to be a reverse grid race, he chose to slow down and finish last, gaining pole for the second race.

Malin duly won the race in comfort, with Mike Harvey gaining 2nd place and Graham finishing in 3rd while playing a Joker. Cheetham still leads the championship, with the lead only dropping by 2 points to 54 over Graham. Harvey is running 3rd, just ahead of Malin.

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1st – Chris Cheetham – 133 points (1 Joker played)

2nd – Neil Graham – 79 points (1 Joker played)

3rd Mike Harvey – 64 points

4th – Paul Malin – 62 points

5th – Andrew Fellows – 52 points

The next rounds of the Championship take place at Whilton Mill in Daventry, May 14th. Spaces are limited to 25, but we may see about getting another grid booked if interest is there to fill it up. Please visit for info on booking.

Report by Chris Cheetham.

Photos by Chris Cheetham, Andrew Strike, Carol Cheetham

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