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2010 Super One Review

Whilton Mill Rotax May 2010Whilst inevitably a season will have both good and bad points, progress can come from listening to driver comments and considering if changes should be made. With a dozen championships on offer it is also difficult to do justice to the champions in a short review of the season, although on the whole the drivers spoken to should appreciate the addition of a Super One title to their CV’s, should they wish to progress further up the sporting ladder.

From a class perspective two significant changes will be made for 2011, with the nomination of the KF2 category as the top MSA British and ABkC Championship, replacing the poorly supported Super KF class. The champion will receive £10,000, with £5,000 for second place, and £2,000 for third, with other cost reducing measures. But perhaps equally as important in these financially burdened times, will be the two new budget championships, although the ABkC National championships for these classes will not be affected. And as in 2010 some of the races will be televised.

With support from JKH, Intrepid, RPM, and JAG, the season fee is £4,495 plus VAT for the Honda Cadet Challenge (3 sets of slicks – 6 rounds) and £5,995 plus VAT for the Junior Max Challenge (4 sets of slicks – 7 rounds). Drivers will be loaned a kart for the season, with an engine at each round, drawn for on a random basis. The price includes a set of wets to start the season, registration and entry fees, fuel, and new slicks on alternate rounds, with a GoPro HD camera.

Billy Monger overcame a disastrous start to his campaign in Honda Cadet, when he won the title with one round remaining. The day after Glan-y-Gors, where I won both finals, I broke my arm at the local park. Thankfully I had six weeks until round 2 at Rowrah and with a few laser treatments made it back to compete at Rowrah. He won four more rounds, but he really wanted to see the season out and compete in the final round at Buckmore Park, his home track, so as the new champion and with no pressure he was able to do so with my team-mates and friends. With thanks to his mechanic (dad) Rob, Paul at Ambition Motorsport, Project One, and Roger at RPM, is now moving to Super Cadets with Prima Racing.

The Racing Steps Foundation (RSF) U18 World Champion, Jake Dennis, provided entertainment in KF3 with Ben Barnicoat. The season went really well for me as I won the British championship, before then going on to win the world championship. Terry Fullerton helped me a lot through the season, without the RSF I wouldn’t be here today. S1 has been I really good championship in my eyes. The one thing I would say they should do is create a questionnaire on what tracks you would go to next year. Other than that the Super One has been good. It would be great to see more KF2’s next year.

Only four points behind was Ben Barnicoat, who had won the Kartmasters, and who came close to taking the British, but I think the start of the year let me down. I had a few problems, but as soon as they were solved I won a lot of the races. I think that the S1 organisation has been great this year; I don’t think that anything needs to be changed. The main problem was the lack of karts – I think if the grids had of been higher this season it would have been so much better.

With four race wins an excited Thomas Harvey in Comer Cadet was able to end his season early after taking the title. The season highlight was when I won the championship a round early at Whilton Mill. I am proud to be Super One champion and putting my name with all the legends who have won it. It is mental to think that I am going to have the trophy that Jenson Button had in his house – at my age it is quite amazing if you think of it like that. This year has been the toughest competition in years. Everybody has been close so when it comes to that last lap you don’t know what is going to happen. Next year I am going to be running with Williams Motorsport on a Tonykart with GFR doing my engines, planning on Super One and the WSK Euro series.

TKM Extreme champion David Eadon started 2010 knowing it would be even harder to maintain the S1 title. The season got off to an amazing start; I did very well at Rowrah and Shenington, which got the first half of the season on the way to an almost perfect start. I had mathematically won the championship after Clay Pigeon (round 5), even though it was my worst round of the season. The idea of being double champion didn’t settle in until the end of the final at Buckmore Park, the last round, where even though I had crashed out, I was ecstatic.

My closest championship rival was Joe Porter, even though I had a very strong start to the year, he still had more points than me until half-way through the championship. On the track Joe was a very strong but fair driver, and was consistently fast all year. But I would just like to thank my Dad for his support for the last 12 years of my race career, and also Ashley Orchard and the KR-Sport team for pushing me forward as a driver.

Double race winner Alex Walker (KF2) did not have an answer to the pace of Jacob Nortoft who won seven times and took the title. Jacob is a very good driver and proved that this year, it is good to have people like Jacob in the championship, as it was a good challenge for me. This was my first year in KF2 and I was one of the youngest drivers on the grid. Alex was disappointed with the number of entries, but it would help to see a good grid next year for KF2 as it makes the racing much more excitable. Sadly a need concentrate on my GCSE’s in 2011 could curtail his progress.

In Junior TKM James Raven pushed champion James Peace hard, and felt that being runner-up was a good achievement. I did have problems especially at Rowrah where I blew up four engines, which kind of cost me the championship, which he missed by 35 points. In 2011 I’m looking to do a bit of Formula Ford racing and some karting as well.

Jonathan Walker had a tough job against Mark Litchfield in the poorly supported SKF, but his year went well with a great start and two 2nds Shenington behind Mark, on a new chassis I had not raced before. The season stayed very steady with podium after podium, but I struggled a little with engine power over Mark. In the end we ended up second in the championship knowing that was really the best I could manage, with Mark having this very small advantage and ‘lady luck’ on his side.

S1 was OK; just the officials really need to change – it seems to be like we have personal grudges with them now. They seem to handle things very badly. To improve I think they need to look at some CIK regulations, leaving black flags until the end of the race and then sort it in the office (if necessary) with time penalties.

Seasoned racer Jordan Chamberlain took on Litchfield and Walker, winning two races, conceding the Super One wasn’t very successful as the SKF category was a major flop. We joined the KF2 field where the racing then came alive again and the action was far more exciting. Personally the thing with British karting is the amount of classes we have, the Rotax category has killed out KF, KF was brought in for cheaper racing yet it has over shadowed 100cc racing hence the small grids. Also I think we need more tracks like PFI with amazing facilities, this could possibly attract foreign drivers over.

Junior Max racer Jack Marshall, runner-up to Matthew Parry after dropped scores, felt the Super One series wasn’t run smoothly with all the cameras, etc., but by the end of the season it all became better, as they found ways of sorting cameras so that you didn’t have too worry. Indeed it did appear that the on-board cameras were an industry by itself at one stage of the year. To improve Super One I think that the prizes to the World’s should be for the top three in each class, as those three people have spent a lot of time and effort to get there (only) to then not get too the World’s.

(Next year) I will stay with Strawberry Racing, but move up too the senior category and (because of funding issues) just race in the UK. The 2010 season for me went pretty well. Strawberry Racing and my family got me too the best possible place by the end of the season by putting in a lot of hard work. My main competition was Matthew Parry all throughout the year, but I also had the likes of Sean Babington, Andy King, and also my team mate Jack Barlow towards the end of the year.

Minimax champ George Russell felt consistency was the key. The season went very well for me with a very good start by winning four of the first six rounds. I am very proud to be Minimax champion in my first year because it gave a big boost in my career. I would say my main competitor through out the year was Harry Webb, because he and I both came out of Cadets and he was the only person I really could compare to. I thought Super One was run and organised well, and every one knew when to be on the grid and in parc ferme. My plan for 2011 is to do KF3 in all of the ‘WSK’ series and in Super One.

From a critical perspective, and these were some comments worthy of note to improve the show, Michael Simpson Snr felt get rid of black flags and use 10 second penalties after the race. And echoing the thoughts of SKF driver Jonathan Walker, too many officials at S1 black flag the wrong driver, or black flag wrongly. An apology doesn’t cut it when you have wrongly been excluded from a race. For those who have suffered from such an unjust black flag, few would probably deny that nothing rankles more! Get more officials who are pro active and want to help, and get rid of officials who talk to competitors like rubbish – some act like bad teachers or frustrated traffic wardens.

Not a champion in 2010, but arguably one of the most successful competitors in the Series, and one I have a lot of respect for is Michael Simpson Jnr. I think S1 has improved greatly since John Hoyle was in charge of promoting. Television is good (but) some of the regulations need improving, hence the reason I was chucked out at Rowrah. Way too many classes; all there needs to be are two junior classes (budget and premier) and two senior classes (budget and premier). All clubs are struggling, and I believe there should be some sort of criteria to be eligible for S1 – you can do a race straight off novice plates. It should be something special and making the grid should be an achievement.

So overall a good year of racing, and John Hoyle’s approach has been a positive one, despite the early season controversy over the grid girls. Some points still need to be looked at, particularly it seems with the decision making processes, but Rome was not built in a day. Early indications suggest that 2011 should show progress in the right direction.

2010 Super One Champions

Mark Litchfield

Jake Dennis

Jacob Nortoft

Cadet Comer
Tom Harvey

Junior Max
Matthew Parry

Rotax 177
Lucas Orrock

George Russell

Senior Max
Tom Fawcett

TKM Extreme
David Eadon

Junior TKM
James Peace

TKM 4 Stroke
Adam Nicholls

Honda Cadet
Billy Monger