SSM Superone Series Round 4

Round 4. Buckmore Park. 13th & 14th June

The fourth round of this years championship. The Iame Cadet and Rotax classes were enjoying their third round of the season with the TKM classes into their second round.

Mini Max had been the closest class all weekend and that didn’t change in Final 2. Axel Charpentier and William Pe?i? took their turn to lead what was a lead train of 13 karts before Wood briefly took charge. However Kiern Jewiss took the flag by just holding off Wood and Pe?i?, with the top 13 covered by just 3 seconds.

Similar to the Mini’s Junior Max found themselves with a titanic ba?le for the lead but you always felt this race was going to be between Jordan Brown-Nutley and Dean MacDonald a?er they made a break for it late on. MacDonald it was eventually who took the win with McCarthy stealing 3rd on the last lap from Tom Gamble who also lost 4th to Harrison Thomas.

Iame Cadet was again a very tough race to call and come the final it was Jonny Edgar who lead the first half of the race with Harry Thompson and Finlay Bunce in pursuit. Dexter Pa?erson briefly took the lead before dropping to 6th with his place filled by Thompson who went on to take victory. Owen Marlow in 2nd pushed him all the way with Pa?erson recovering to 3rd.

Luke Kno? had not been beaten all weekend in Senior Rotax before Final 2 but a?er he found himself 2.4 seconds back from Sam Marsh in 2nd a?er just a couple of laps most people would expect that to change. But with the assistance of his team-mate Connor Hall behind, the pair reeled him in with Kno? passing Hall in a do or die move on the last lap!

The start to the Junior TKM race was explosive to say the least with at least six drivers taking their turn to lead from the front. However a?er 12 laps Jack Davidson and Ma?hew Graham were given a chance to run away with the race which was exactly what they did before Graham passed Davidson in the late stages. Joining them on the podium was Ryan Edwards.

Ma? England’s poor start to the TKM Extreme Final ultimately cost him his chance to eventually fight for a victory. He came up to 2nd with 7 laps to go but just couldn’t quite close Al Paterson down who took both Final wins. Behind Owain Rosser was just able to hold off Joe Forsdyke for 3rd.