Super One MSA/TKM – Round 6

Round 6 of 6 – PF International, 13-14 September 2014

The final round of the Super One MSA/TKM season was another thriller with three of the four titles still to be decided including the inaugural IAME Cadet crown

MSA British IAME Cadet

An important milestone was Teddy Wilson’s appeal against a one lap penalty from the previous round. The appeal was heard on the Saturday at PF International and upheld by the new Stewards putting him back in the points lead. Zak Robertson, Jonny Edgar and Tom Wood had the best timed qualifying speed with the other main protagonist Kiern Jewiss in sixth and Wilson eighth .It would be Robertson and Wood who took the heat wins whilst Wilson and Jewiss shared the second row for the first final. From the standing start Wood, Jewiss and Lewis Thompson broke away with Robertson about to leapfrog Alex McDade and tow him up to the lead trio. Wilson dropped to tenth, from where he would start a superb fight back. Robertson leapfrogged Jewiss then relieved Wood of the lead, but only briefly as Jewiss jumped to the front, Robertson having a quick spin on the grass. Wilson had now joined the tail of the six-kart train contesting the lead, and Jewiss was next to visit the grass, elbowed out coming off the bridge. Jewiss barrelled into Wilson, sending Wilson into a half spin and himself off the track..McDade won over Edgar, Wood and Wilson strung out behind. Jewiss was initially given a five-second penalty for ‘gaining an unfair advantage’ but won his appeal to finish tenth, but with a greater points deficit. For the second final McDade, Edgar and Robertson broke clear whilst Wilson had another horrible fi rst lap. Wood found the pace to break clear of Dexter Patterson and Jewiss but couldn’t close to the lead trio. At the front, a frantic trading of the podium positions was in train, Robertson in the lead for a few corners before McDade got it back and eased clear. Robertson slipstreamed past Edgar at Turn One on the last lap but Edgar had held his third place in the series, Wood was a lonely fourth and Wilson took rival Jewiss on the last lap too. “Kiern wasn’t defending and I was faster,” he explained, adding: “It’s been a good year, now the appeal is over.”

ABkC Junior TKM National Championship

Arran Mills and Ma. hew Round-Garrido were the initial pace setters, with Shea Pearce and Ma. hew Graham lining up on the second row of the first final grid. But the other main contender of the several who could take the title was Alex Forward who would only make the sixth row. From the lead, Round-Garrido ran wide off the bridge, losing the lead to Pearce and Mills and although he fought back to the front he was elbowed onto the grass out of the first hairpin…That le. Mills in the lead, and as those behind squabbled he stretched a one-second lead. Kyle Hornby had joined this group, in which Graham vaulted into second. Forward had also closed on them but he was helped off the track by Pearce for which the la. er took an exclusion, ruining his chance of glory and possibly Forward’s as well. That left Hornby in a comfortable third well ahead of a recovering Round-Garrido._Mills had a great start in the second final but Round-Garrido was storming into second, deposing Hornby who lost three places._Forward was frantically trying to push through the pack, but if Mills won he would take the title. Round-Garrido put that win in doubt with a move at the second hairpin but next time round Mills returned the favour at the same place and as Graham challenged for second, Mills could ease clear._Round-Garrido wrestled the position back, but by less than a tenth on the line and they were well clear of James Clarke. Forward was just in front of Hornby in sixth, the la er excluded for driving standards.

ABkC TKM Extreme National Championship

John Hogan won both heats to put him on pole alongside James Ogden with main rival Joe Forsdyke and Ma hew Allnu behind them. Hogan held the lead through to the last lap whilst behind Ogden traded second with Forsdyke then fell behind Porter. A very unhappy Ogden was tipped into a half spin at the second hairpin and was hit by Stronach, breaking the chain and putting him out although Stronach continued. Kyle Sproat sliced into second at the first hairpin and everyone went into a defensive mode, Hogan had lost his big lead and endured a grassy trip out of the second hairpin, falling to fourth with Sproat winning over Forsdyke, England and Hogan. In the second final, Sproat was quickly demoted from the lead to fifth as Porter went ahead albeit with Forsdyke fast approaching. The title fight was on a knife edge when Forsdyke took the lead at the fi rst hairpin, he and Ogden now tied on points. Ogden was making good progress from the back, but in a big reshuffle over the bridge Forsdyke emerged first with a big cushion. England broke clear to close on Forsdyke over the finish line, Stronach passed Ogden for third. With a tie on points, Forsdyke had the higher score on his dropped round, so took the title.

Formula KGP

With two immediate retirements, a mere six karts raced in the first final, with Mark Litchfield soon leapfrogging Ma Davies to win comfortably despite being late to the start, Davies falling back to second last. Bobby Game seemed to struggle, a late push taking him to third behind Jamie Flynn. The second final was more exciting as Game dived in on Litchfield’s lead at the first hairpin, and led a lap until Litchfield re-took the place over the bridge. Game had no trouble staying second for the vice champion position once more, whilst Davies kept ahead of Flynn and New at the flag.