Super One Round One Report

Rowrah – 19th/20th March 2016

The first round of the Super One 2016 season got off to an exhilarating start at Rowrah, arguably one of the most technical circuits in the UK. Rowrah tends to have it’s own climate and fortunately it turned out perfect racing conditions all weekend!

IAME Cadet:

Harry Thompson started on pole for final two, the televised race, and ended up taking victory. However, it wasn’t made easy for him as he was closely pursued by GP plate driver, Taylor Barnard right from the word go. The race came to an unfortunate end, 10 laps in, due to a red flag because of an incident between Oliver Denny and Harrison Skinner, both drivers thankfully walked away. This put the results back a lap meaning Thompson was 1st, Barnard 2nd and Bray Kenneally 3rd.

Iame Cadet Winner - Harry Thompson
Iame Cadet Winner – Harry Thompson

Honda Cadet:

Harry Thompson started the Honda Cadet final on pole and held the lead until lap 10 with Ben Kasperczak only 0.1 seconds behind. Kasperczak took charge for a few laps before dropping to 2nd on the last lap, giving first place to Caeson Gibson. After a strong race from Thompson, he was holding on to 2nd but unfortunately dropped to 6th on the last lap. Gibson took the chequered flag ahead of Kasperczak who was later excluded for “driving in a manner incompatible with general safety” therefore, Caden McQueen took 2nd and Archie Brown was 3rd.

O-plate driver Wesley Mason finished 15th after climbing up 17 places! He had a very good day on Saturday finishing 3rd and 4th in the heats, but had a disappointing final one after he was forced to retire.

Honda Cadet winner - Caeson Gibson
Honda Cadet winner – Caeson Gibson

Mini Max:

Both Mini Max finals were exceptionally close, especially between Jonny Edgar and Tom Canning who disputed the victory hard. Canning ended the race, the same way he had started it in P1. Edgar took 2nd and after closing the gap on the last lap, Strawberry Racing driver, Lorcan Hanafin finished in 3rd. Jenson Butterfield had an amazing drive in final two, making up 15 places to finish 4th after an unfortunate final one.

Mini Max winner - Tom Canning
Mini Max winner – Tom Canning

Junior TKM:

Going into Sunday this was really Bradley White’s race to lose after he dominated proceedings on Saturday. He started on pole for final one and was challenged on several occasions by Kristian Brierley but had all the answers required. However, final two was a different story. White lost the lead in the opening laps as Brierley took over and led the grid of 19 until the end with Abbi Pulling on his tail. Some last lap over taking and place changes saw Brierley take the win ahead of Joe Fowler in 2nd and Pulling a close 3rd. White finished 4th. Pulling also took the “Girl Power” trophy for scoring the most points throughout the weekend out of every other girl who had entered.

Junior TKM top 3
Junior TKM top 3

Junior Rotax:

KR- Sport dominated in final two with Jonathan Hoggard finishing in 1st and Joe Turney in 2nd. Hoggard took the lead from 3rd on the grid straight away and never looked back eventually winning by just under 2 seconds. Behind him was William Pettitt for most the race, before Turney passed him demoting the ‘O’ plate driver to 3rd place.

Junior Max winner - Johnathan Hoggard
Junior Max winner – Jonathan Hoggard

TKM Extreme:

It was amazing to see the return of a full, talented, TKM Extreme grid at Super One. This is a race that has been highly anticipated over the winter with names such as Phil Smith, Charlie Bruce-White, Jake Campbell-Mills and Paul Monks all returning. And it’s fair to say it certainly delivered!

On Saturday the racing was very close in the heats and this continued in to Sunday, not only at the front of the grid but all through it! Christopher Whitton took pole for final one but it was Matthew Taylor who took the win, putting him on pole for final two. Taylor made a brilliant start and held on to the lead for half the race, before Whitton found his way through. He led for a few laps but Taylor was not prepared to settle for 2nd and eventually re-took the lead and victory! Whitton finished a solid 2nd place and in 3rd was reigning champion Matt England after showing why he holds the number 1 plate.

Matt Taylor leading the way
Matt Taylor leading the way

Senior Rotax:

After a battle with Josh Skelton, Jack McCarthy won final one and took his place at the front of the grid in final two. He couldn’t hold on to pole for long as Charlie Turner took the lead within the first lap but it wasn’t long before Josh White negotiated his way to the front and brought the win home for Coles Racing. McCarthy finished in 2nd and Turner 3rd.

Senior Rotax Podium

Report written by Bethanie Lawson

Images supplied by Chris Walker, Kartpix

TKM images supplied by Bethanie Lawson


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