SuperOne Series Round 1


The opening round of the new style Super One series at the Cumbrian circuit had classes for both Cadet categories, all the Rotax plus the KZ1 gearbox British Championship.

There will be ten events this year, with a mix of classes at each circuit to give seven rounds for each class except KZ1 which only has six. The previous weekend Rowrah had hosted the ABkC
‘O’ Plate championships, so Jonny Edgar (IAME Cadet), Wesley Mason (Honda Cadet), William Pe?i? (MiniMax), Harrison Thomas (Junior Max) and John Stewart (Rotax Max) were all sporting their new numbers. Edgar had the unique honour of holding the Cadet O Plate for the third time.

IAME Cadet

Jonny Edgar claimed the winner’s trophy in IAME Cadet, but it was Dexter Pa?erson who le? Rowrah holding a championship lead of 10 points. This followed the young Sco?ish driver’s flawless display in his Heats and first final. Dexter Pa?erson was in the driving seat all through the first final, chased by Joseph Taylor and Harry Thompson. But Edgar rose to second early in the race, and with a lap to go Taylor retired with his chain off, leaving Thompson in third. For the second final Edgar snatched the lead on the opening lap and enjoyed a winning cushion all the way. Thompson relieved Pa?erson of second on lap eleven but was relegated back on the last corner. Taylor stormed back to tenth from the back chased by Bray Kenneally.

Honda Cadet

Nicholas Reeve held the lead in the first final for all but briefly on the penultimate lap, when Oliver Clarke went in front. He was swi?ly dispatched to third by the speedy Reeve, with Alex Lloyd taking second. Lloyd had sped up from a poor start, ba?ling past Wesley Mason amongst others. Guy Cunnington fell back from his initial seventh and was later given a one lap penalty. Lloyd took the hole shot ahead of Reeve in the second final

but Reeve regained command from lap five. The pair stayed in that order with Reeve opening a 10m gap, Clarke and Mason behind a?er Harry Thompson lost a couple of places. Then things took a bizarre turn a?er it was revealed that Reeve had failed to report for post race scrutineering due to some irregularities being spo?ed. He was excluded from the whole meeting, giving Lloyd both wins.


Kiern Jewiss traded the lead in the early laps with Fin Kenneally and even dropped behind William Pettitt for a time. But Jewiss stormed back to take control through
to the chequer, with Tom Wood coming up to second ahead of Axel Charpentier and Kenneally whilst Pettitt fell to seventh. Jewiss capped off a near perfect day by winning the second final as well, dropping just one point over the entire weekend. Pettitt grabbed second spot from Charpentier on the last lap, but his manoeuvre was deemed to be reckless and he subsequently incurred a five place penalty. That left Zach Robertson to be elevated to the runner up position ahead of Mark Kimber.

Junior Max

Despite starting sixth Harrison Thomas steadily worked his
way up to challenge Oliver York for the lead. Dean MacDonald had led the first lap until Jack McCarthy took him, later usurped by York. A good ba?le ensued, Thomas mainly in command except for a lap when York had him back. The la?er had to se?le for second from McCarthy, MacDonald and Tom Gamble. In
the second final Thomas followed close behind McCarthy throughout but couldn’t quite find sufficient pace to pass him. These two were almost a quarter of a lap ahead of a tight ba?le for third position, eventually claimed by Gamble a?er York was penalised five places for gaining an unfair advantage.

Rotax Max

Gary Donnelly and Sam Marsh were inseparable in the first final, trading the lead but resolving in Donnelly’s favour. A?er passing Sco? Mackrell, Ma?hew Hirst held third over much of the race but faded a couple of places towards the end. That le? Connor Hall and Luke Kno? in third and fourth.

Connor Hall led the second final from firstly Donnelly, then Marsh until Donnelly leapfrogged both with a li?le over five laps remaining. In an exciting dash for the line, Donnelly was able to hold on from his Strawberry team-mate, but less than a couple of metres separated them at the finish. Sam Marsh took a more distant third over Mackrell and Hirst.


Vice-champion Sco? Allen took the initial lead in Final 1, chased hard by Shaun Slavin and Sam Webster. Slavin snatched the lead a?er a few laps, then Webster also passed Allen on the twisty Cumbrian track. The current champion Henry Easthope briefly held third, usurped by Dan Kelly until he retired with gearbox failure giving Allen the opportunity for third, Easthope having to se?le for fourth. In the second final the lead was held first by Webster, then Slavin whilst Allen traded places with Easthope until Webster went back in front in a thrilling duel. Allen got the be?er of Slavin and opened a good gap whilst he chased down Webster at the end leading to three different kart and engine combinations on the podium, Allen le? leading the championship and saying: “Sam was a li?le quicker in the final but I took too much out of the tyres in the heats.” Kelly came from the back to fourth. Normally accustomed to finishing up at the front, multiple former British Champion Bobby Game found the transition to gear-box racing a tough one as he struggled in 13th position.