OEKC British Championship Round 1 Report

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The first race of the OEKC season combines the O plate and Round 1 of the 2017 season. The race took place at Rye House, Hoddesdon. The day started wet, but by the time practice started the circuit was drying and teams were forced to choose between wets & slicks.

New team BSG (27) qualified on pole with Insure to Drive (12) alongside. Vivo (55) and G-tech (5) were on the second row with TTM (4) & Specsavers (6) right behind. KKC (26) and Ikonn (58) were on row 4 and Promax team Kartostophic & Project 4 completed the top 10.

By the start of the race the teams were on slicks as most of the track was dry. By the end of the first lap pole sitters BSG had been overtaken by several teams and by lap ten the top ten were Specsavers, G-Tech, Vivo, 12D, KKC, Ikonn, TTM, Kartostophic, Enzo 2 and Project 4.

The race settled down and on lap 80 Specsavers were still leading,  but Insure 2 Drive (12D) were now second and G-Tech third. Polesitters BSG were suffering from mechanical problems and were now running last with Team Sage in the penultimate place following an issue with their brake master cylinder. Highest placed Promax team were Synergy Syndicate in 10th place.


As the 120th lap approached Specsavers and 12D were still at the front, but a fast charging Ikonn were now up to third place and JT sat just behind them. Soon after Specsavers hit trouble with a throttle cable causing them to lose several laps. This meant that as lap 160 arrived Specsavers were down in sixth place. Team number 11, Indi-Cars were now in 15th place following a repair to a broken rear bumper.

As the teams passed 2.25 hours, the half way point, 12D were first with JT (9) second. To The Max (TTM) were third and Ikonn sat in 4th place. TT Sport (34) had broken into the top 10 as had Peach Racing (73). A rear bumper repair cost Enzo 2several laps & Indi-Cars also returned to the pits to repair their bumper.

By Lap 251 Specsavers had moved up to 4th place and reduced the lap difference to the leaders from 6 to 4 laps. G-Tech had some mechanical problems and this dropped them down to 15th place.

Soon after this an errant kart had an off at pylon and spread water all over that corner. This lead to a number of karts hitting the water and spinning into the tyres. Ikonn & Specsavers both suffered in this incidentand lost laps because of it. However by the 300th lap Specsavers were in second place with  JT 22 seconds behind and KKC two laps further back.


70 laps later and Specsavers were now just 3 laps behind 12D and chasing hard.  JT still in third, Ikonn 4th and KKC 5th. Promax team Synergy Syndicate were 6th, just ahead of Vivo and Project 4.

As the 4.5 hour race ended it was Insure 2 Drive who took the win & the O plate trophy. Specsavers finished second, 2 laps behind and third place for JT. Synergy Syndicat were Promax class winners and finished ahead of 10 senior max teams.

The winning Clubmans team were Enzo Motorsport 2.

The next www.OEKC.co.uk race is at Bayford Meadows on March 19th.

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