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OEKC British Championship Round 3 Report

OEKC British Championship Round 3 Report

2017 Championship Round 3 Whilton Mill

A beautiful hot day greeted the teams as they arrived at Whilton Mill for round 3 of the 2017 championship.

After 1 hour of practice the teams entered the 15 minute qualifying session ready for action. Pole position changed many times, but once the session ended it was Specsavers who took 1st place with Vivo alongside. Insure 2 drive & G-Tech completed row two. KKC and Team Velocity filled row three with Team Sage and Project 4 immediately behind. JT and TT Sport completed the top 10 and the top 11 teams were covered by less than a second.

A false start was caused by the front two teams worrying about each other and not looking for the green light which was not shown as the teams at the back of the grid were not in formation.   The teams were re-gridded and after one lap the race was started. Everyone got away cleanly and the front of the grid gapped themselves from the following pack. By lap 20 G-Tech were leading Vivo with Project4 and KKC just behind. The top 16 teams were all on the same lap. By lap 60 some contact dropped Specsavers & Insure2Drive a lap and few places down the grid. Vivo were now leading G-Tech by less than 2 tenths. DAMage were having brake issues and this meant a lengthy pit stop. New Promax team Party People were just a lap behind the leaders and in 9th place, one lap ahead of fellow Promax team Synergy Syndicate. Team Velocity were 11th and Promax team Kartostrophic were 12th.

VIVO and Specsavers lock out the front row of the grid

As the teams approached the 100th lap G-Tech were a lap ahead of Specsavers, KKC and Team Sage who were all on the same lap. Indicars suffered a snapped axle and following a lengthy pit stop they were in the penultimate place. A drive through penalty for TT Sport dropped them from 6th to 8th place. Fifty laps further into the race and pole sitters Specsavers  were back in 1st place with KKC less than 3/10th behind. JT were now up to third place with Vivo in fourth.  Party People had their Promax in 5th place just ahead of Team Sage & G-Tech. Project 4 were 8th and Insure2drive were now into the top 10 in 9th place. Running out of fuel caused Synergy Syndicate to drop down to 14th place, six laps ahead of Kartostrophic. No Win No Fee were just outside the top 10 with TTM sitting in 10th place.

The teams passed the 200th lap with Specsavers 1st and KKC 1.5 seconds behind in second place. Team Sage were back into third with JT fourth. Championship leaders Insure2Drive were now up to sixth place with No Win, No Fee in seventh place just ahead of Project4.  After another 60 laps Specsavers and KKC were still on the same lap and only 1 lap ahead of G-Tech. Project4 had moved into sixth place with Team Velocity a lap behind and Part People a lap behind them. A lengthy pit stop dropped Kartostrophic to 15th place.

Project 4 ahead of Insure2Drive

As the front runners reached the 300th lap Specsavers were just 9 seconds in front of KKC. G-Tech were third and JT fourth and Team Sage fifth. Team Velocity were hard on the heals of Project 4  with Insure2Drive a lap behind. A loose radiator dropped Synergy Syndicate down the grid. Party People ( Promax ) were still running in the top 10.

After 4.5 hours and 335 laps of high speed action Specsavers took the chequered flag just ahead of KKC who were also on 335 laps. JT were third, Team Sage 4th and Vivo 5th in Premier class. Team Velocity took the honours in Clubmans class with Project 4 second and TT Sport third.   The Promax winners ( & 10th overall ) were Party People, Synergy Syndicate were second in Promax and Kartostrophic third. The top 10 teams were covered by just 10 laps. Insure2Drive took fastest lap at 46.6 seconds.

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