OEKC British Championship Round 6 Report

2017 Championship Round 6 LYDD, Kent

As the teams arrived on race day at Lydd the weather was warm dry and getting hotter.

Midway through the one hour practice TT Sport realised they had a cracked chassis so they set work changing everything over to a different frame.  Whilst they were busy, the rest of the teams were chasing ever improving lap times ready for the 15 minute qualifying session.    This proved to be as hectic as ever with Specsavers taking pole from KKC by 3/100s of a second. Row 2 was occupied by Team JT & G-Tech. GMS1 and Insure2Drive were 5th & 6th.Vivi & TTM filled the fourth row with Team Sage & Synergy Syndicate completing the top 10.  The top 10 teams qualified within less than a second of each other.

As soon as the race started Specsavers made a breakaway from the chasing pack. After 15 minutes the top 12 teams were all on the same lap. 30 minutes into the 4.5 hour race Specsavers were still leading with GMS1 second, KKC third and Insure2Drive fourth.  As the teams approached the 100th lap Specsavers were leading by 1 lap from Insure2Drive. KKC were third and VIVO had moved up to fourth with Peach Racing fifth and Team JT sixth. Following a lengthy pit stop G-Tech dropped to last place.

Two hours into the race and Specsavers were still one lap in the lead. KKC had replaced Insure2Drive in second place and TTM were now up to fourth with Team JT fifth & Peach Racing sixth, but on the same lap as Promax team Synergy Syndicate.  Team Sage were now in the pits for a lengthy period sorting a stripped brake disc carrier.

Lap 202 and KKC were now leading Insure2Drive who were a lap ahead of Specsavers. Peach Racing sat in fourth place a lap ahead of Team JT. The top nine teams were covered by just eight laps. As the teams reached two and a half hours KKC were first, Specsavers second and Peach Racing third. All three teams were on 221 laps. Insure2Drive were a lap behind in fourth and TTM a lap behind them in fifth.  3 hours into the race and Specsavers were back in first place with KKC second and Insure2Drive third. Team Sage were now back in the race.

Just before the teams reached 300 laps disaster struck for Insure2Drive. A terminal engine problem meant a replacement engine was needed. This dropped them out of the top ten teams. First place Specsavers were leading KKC and Team JT who were being chased hard by TTM , 11 seconds behind. Promax team Synergy Syndicate were in a solid seventh place, 5 laps ahead of eight place TT Sport.

With 30 minutes to go Specsavers had stretched their lead to two laps. KKC in second place were 2 laps ahead of TTM who had replaced Team JT in third place.Both teams on 397 laps.  Peach Racing were fifth and GMS1 sixth. Project 4 were now ninth and in the top ten and Insure2Drive sat in tenth place.

Following a very strong and consistent race Specsavers took the win on 401 laps. KKC were second and TTM third.

Peach Racing won Clubman Class with GMS1 second and TT Sport third.

Synergy Syndicate were the winning Promax team and seventh overall

Next OEKC race is on  August 13th at Fulbeck Kart Circuit

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