OEKC British Championship Round 8 Report

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2017 Championship Round 8 Whilton Mill

An overcast day with rain forecast greeted the teams as they arrived at Whilton Mill for round 8 of the 2017 championship.

At round 8 Ikonn and Indi-Cars teams made a welcome return to the OEKC and new team Capital Racing joined the series.

After 1 hour of practice the teams entered the 15 minute qualifying session ready for action. Pole position was challenged for by the usual contenders, but a great drive by Vivo gave them the number one spot with a qualifying time of 47.3 seconds. Insure2Drive took second place. Behind them were TTM and series leaders Specsavers. Row three was occupied by TT Sport and KKC. Peach Racing were seventh alongside Team Sage. Synergy Syndicate and G-Tech completed the top 10 teams.  Indi-cars pitted due to a problem with their axle moving laterally. This resulted in them dropping down to last place.

The race started on a cool dry track and Vivo quickly started to build a small lead and by lap 40 they were over 6 seconds ahead of Insure2drive who were leading KKC & Specsavers. The top ten teams were all on the same lap and covered by 42 seconds. By lap 90, hard charging Vivo had a lap lead over Insure2drive, Specsavers, TTM, KKC and G-Tech.  By lap 160 Vivo were now leading by a lap with G-Tech second, Insure2drive third, Specsavers fourth and TTM fifth.  As the 185th lap passed Insure2drive were back in second place and back on the same lap as leaders Vivo. New team Capital Racing were getting to grips with the racing and had improved their lap times by over 3 seconds.

By lap 210 the sun was shining & the forecast rain had not appeared. After almost three hours of racing saw Specsavers leading the race from Insure2drive and G-Tech. Vivo were now a lap behind and being chased by TTM. TT Sport in eight place were top Clubman team and well ahead of their championship rivals Project 4 who lost a few laps with a long visit to the pits. 25 laps later and Insure2drive were back in front of Specsavers and G-tech with Vivo now in fourth place, a lap behind the front three teams. TTM, Team Sage, KKC & Team JT completed the top 8. In 9th place were Project 4 who were making good progress and were now just 3 laps behind TT Sport & Synergy Syndicate.

The 280th lap arrived and Insure2drive were now leading Specsavers by a lap and G-Tech were a further lap behind them. 20 laps later and although Insure2drive were leading, Specsavers were now on the same lap. G-Tech in third were a lap ahead of Vivo who were a lap ahead of TTM. Team Sage were a further lap behind with KKC a lap behind them.

The chequered flag dropped after 4.5 hours racing with Insure2drive winning the race 18 seconds ahead of Specsavers who were now on the same lap. A great last session by Vivo put them on the podium in third place and ahead of G-Tech who were just 35 seconds behind. TT Sport won Clubman class a lap ahead of Synergy Syndicate. Project 4 completed the Clubman podium.

The final race of the 2017 OEKC season is on Sunday October 22nd at Daytona Milton Keynes.

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