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RLK Formula 270 Round 2 Report

RLK Formula 270 Round 2 Report

Red Lodge Karting’s Round 2 got off in complete contrast to its opening round with a days worth of brilliant sunshine heating the track nicely and the air starting to cool as we approached dusk. Another packed grid of 28 drivers saw the groups split in two random groups to compete over three heats each.

The first heat for Group A started with one lap qualifying which usual makes the first race pretty clean. James Rose on his F270 debut made a good start from the front of the grid and slipped passed Jake Taplin on lap 3 to take the lead with Ash Connor in third – the top 3 within a second of each other. On lap 7 Ash Connor made a move that stuck to take second off Jake Taplin, only for Jake to snatch it back on lap 10 to the detriment of Ash Connor who then dropped down to 5th promoting Bob Willis into third just 0.1 seconds in front of Lewis Bonwick as the race finished with James Rose winning on his debut.

Again Group B started with qualifying and Will Gibbs stuck it on pole. Off the line Will swapped places constantly with Charlie Pickering until Will made the move stick on lap 3. Behind them George Parker in third was momentarily passed by Sam Tearne on his return to Red Lodge however George took it back by lap 9 and the top 3 of Will Gibbs, Charlie Pickering and George Parker finished as they qualified.
Heat 2 for group A was the reverse grid of heat 1 results with Jake Taplin making an impressive start from the back of the grid to make it into first place, where he stayed until the end, pursued by Ash Connor who this time managed to stay in second with John Padley close behind. The top 3 were pulling away from lap 6 and ended the race 11 seconds ahead of the field.

In group B Jono Holland made a lightening start from the midfield pursuing pole man Tom Scheving with Andy Cornish behind for company. A mistake by Jono at Paddock though saw Andy slip by with Aaron Lask and Sam Howe doing the same. The top 3 pulled a 4 second gap however on the penultimate lap Aaron and Sam made a Cornish sandwich (a pastie maybe?) that sent Andy spinning with Jono Holland to take advantage. Aaron finished in front of Sam with Jono being promoted to third.

Heat 3 for Group A was getting faster and faster as the air cooled and the engines picked up more speed with so many overtakes happening right until the mid point when it started to settle down. Jake Taplin proved his speed by again getting into the lead with Lewis Benwick in 2nd place managing to be the only driver not to be overtaken, bar the leader. Ash Connor again made it tot he top 3 by finishing third.

Group B with now warmer tyres and cooler temperatures went faster and faster with a new lap record of 50.788 being set by Will Gibbs in second place. James Oakley was leading the field impressively as a 90kg driver and Paul Turland in third. Aaron Lask was there to spoon his day and took third with two laps to go. On the penultimate lap new lap record holder Will denied James of his win, although still finishing an impressive 2nd.

Overall that meant Jake Taplin took 1st place, with Will Gibbs in 2nd and James Rose 3rd. Sam Howe took 1st in the 80kg on his return and James Oakley again taking the 90kg winners trophy.

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