RLK Formula 270 Round 6 Report

Round 6 opened the second half of the championship and started just like Round 1 with a completely soaked track. This time the lightweights and the heavies were to be separated to keep the racing more even and started with qualifying. Ash Connor was the first to leave the pits and to leave the track as he went straight on at turn 1 highlighting just how slippery this race was going to be.

Heat 1 for the lightweights saw a dominant performance for the two championship contenders Aaron Lask and George Parker, both using the wet lines on the sodden track. The position at the front changed as they both searched for grip in a first heat that seemed to last for ages. It was Aaron across the line first with George fastest with a 1:13 lap but unable to sneak past. Bob Willis beat the rest of the pack to third.

Heat 1 for the heavies saw Andy Cornish qualifying on pole with David Lask in the 90kg beating Jono Holland to second. At the start Jono got the jump on David, but it was short lived as a wheel on the grass in the fastest part of the track saw Jono spin onto the grass, rejoining only to spin again on wet grass covered tyres. James Oakley slipped passed into second place and battled with David and Charlie as Andy Cornish disappeared into the distance. At the mid point the battle for the final podium places intensified as Jason Avilles joined the 4 way battle for 2nd to 5th. Jason and James swapped places several times but it was Jason who grabbed 2nd, James settling for 3rd.

Heat 2 for the lightweights the results were reversed and although the rain had now stopped, the track was still just as wet and the results similar to the first Heat with Aaron and George muscling their way to the front. Aaron took full advantage though and ended up at the front, with Bob Willis taking second and Charlie Pickering just beating George to third.

Heat 2 for the heavies Jono Holland took advantage of being out of position in the reverse grid and went straight into the lead. Paul Turland battled his way through to deny him on lap 4, however it didn’t end there before Charlie Tatum managed to squeeze passed Paul into the lead at the halfway point. Jason Avilles and then worked his was up to the top 3 but slipped back through the field as James Oakley and David Lask displaced the rest to finish second and third respectively.

Heat 3 for the lightweights with a drying track saw a much more jumbled pack. We had several different leaders for this heat and it looked set to be a Bob Willis win until he had an off onto the wet grass and slipped down the field allowing George Parker to become the frontman. George almost got the lap time to under 1 minute as he was pursued by James Rose in second. This time Ash Connor was able to keep his third place ahead of Aaron.

Heat 3 for the heavies saw Jono Holland and Andy Cornish working their way through the field with Andy making a pass on Jono to beat him to the front with Steve Yanusauskas keeping up in the still wet conditions to complete the top 3. However it was Charlie Tatum again showing his speed in the wet, making his was through the field, pursued by James Oakley. At the mid point Charlie made a move on Jono to demote him to third, he fell further as he was passed James just three laps from the end.

This meant overall Aaron Lask beat George Parker by 2 points to win the night and Bob Willis third with his best round of the year so far. In the 80kg category rainmaster Andy Cornish was 13 points ahead of second place Jono Holland, who in turn was 3 points ahead of Paul Turland. In the 90kg category Charlie Tatum took the overall win by 2 points from James Oakley, and David Lask in third. In the championship there is still much to play for with the top 3 of leader Aaron Lask, George Parker and Charlie Pickering separated by less than a race win. In the 80kg its a little more settled at the front with Andy Cornish 3 wins ahead. James Oakley is still leading in the 90kg however Charlie Tatum appears to be reading him in slightly as we enter the second half of the season.

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