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Shenington Kart Racing Club Round 6 Report

Shenington Kart Racing Club Round 6 Report

Shenington Kart Racing club report – 18 June 2017

On a sweltering hot day the 150 competitors had plenty of track time for Round 6 of the club championship.  Many were looking forward to the big Kart SuperPrix in July with SP plates on offer and £3000 of tool vouchers shared for the top spots. 

The largest class again was Honda Cadet with over 30 competitors, and it was also one of the best with multiple swaps in the lead battle.  Daniel Guinchard led Kan Berta and Daryl Taylor but Connor Clifford jumped them all to lead.  Berta  and Guinchard were both put back a few places but clawed back into contention as Berta looked like he might claim the win, leading on the last lap.  But a last corner sort out had a delighted Clifford win by 0.07s over Guinchard, Berta and Daniel Parrans-Smith.  Daryl Taylor, also a one time leader, had to settle for sixth.  Banbury novice Leo Robinson came home in 20th

In the other IAME Cadet class for the two stroke engines, Ella Stevens and Bradley Beavers broke away.  In the fight for third Joe Sheppy leapfrogged Max Speed to follow Robbie Stableford.  Beavers had got himself into the lead but as he defended the next three closed up for a five kart fight with Stableford emerging from the last corner to win over Sheppy, Beavers and Stevens.

James Pashley was his usual competitive self in Junior TKM after successful rounds of the national championship, but soon had to give up the lead to Zak Taylor.  The pair battled hard all race, swapping the lead but with Taylor in front with two laps to go he was vigorously defending despite all Pashley’s efforts to pass.  Dominic Kilminster was a lonely third, with Joe Taylor next but excluded for being underweight.  That left Dan McKeown n fourth over Theo Edgerton.

Alessandro Ceronetti cantered to a near 3 second victory over Tom Nippers and Caden McQueen in the Junior X30 class.  Joshua Martin led off the 24 strong pack as Leonardo Panayiotou and Adam Jones collided at Café corner, Panayiotou later excluded for abusive behaviour as well as Ben Ward.  Ceronetti had a run on Martin into the Stratford hairpin and led the rest of the race, gradually extending his advantage as Martin slumped to sixth.  Callum Driscoll was the first to put him back but he retired with four laps to go leaving Nippers a lonely second.  The battle for third resolved in McQueen’s favour over Jonathan Robertson. 

Josh Sherriff was quickly past Nathan Wells in TKM Extreme and race long the small gap between them waxed and waned, but Sherriff held on for the win.  Gary Fowler cruised into third but could make no inroads on the leaders, and behind him Sam Johns and Chris Goffin.  Sam Jackson and Mitchell Ball collided on the penultimate lap.  

Samuel Baker, Graham Stewart and Suk Sandher vied for the TKM Clubman lead with the current champion and SP plate holder Andre Marot in fourth.  Stewart grabbed the lead until Sandher sliced through both, then Stewart was called in for a broken rear bumper.  George Robinson was trying out a new concept with a Rotax engine in this economy class, and he passed Marot but will not count for prizes so Marot was effectively third.  Neil Layton, father of the local Banbury ace William Layton, has started racing as a novice and he came a very creditable seventh.

For the gearbox classes Lee Ward led off Lucas Vaus and Malcolm Smith in the 125cc KZ UK class.  After some tyre rubbing attempts Vaus got through for the win and Anderson Chilcott passed Smith and closed down on the leaders, only losing some time passing a back marker.  In the big 250cc class Aaron Powell put in a classy win despite all Jack Love’s attempts to reach him after passing several other karts.  Love had endured difficult heats with mechanical problems and did well to recover.

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 Report By Graham Smith

Images courtesy of Kartpix.net

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