SKRC Race Review

Shenington Kart Racing Club Championship, 16th March
230 drivers raced at Shenington’s March race meeting for the last round of the Winter Series, many practising for the forthcoming Super One.

Enjoying some beautiful spring weather, Jenson Butterfield led the first final away for Honda Cadet whilst Matthew Hopcraft on grid two was unable to get his engine started. Chased by Klaas Kooiker, the pair pulled clear of Ethan Ling and Alex Eades but the positions remained the same to the flag. The local driver Archie Hancox came home in 6th. In the concurrent class for the Comers, Charly Field – now off his novice plates Рled all the way to the last corner, when he was pipped by Charlie Webster then Field was nearly caught by novice Jake Rubio-Ruiz on the line. Elliot Harvey and Kieran Wragg spent the early Minimax laps energetically trading the lead but Jordan Goodyear picked them both off to win when they got too close on the last lap.

Thomas Bennett leapfrogged Daniel Seager and Jake Bowman for 4th. The Junior Max class had Sam Stansbury swiftly usurped by Jordan Richards. However Stansbury fought back to the front, only for Richards to just edge him for the win. Brian Wilson took Connor Hughes for 3rd, the latter recovering from a non-compliance in a heat. Tom Wood led the full grid of IAME Cadets away. But he was elbowed aside at the first hairpin, Jonny Edgar taking up the running closely followed by Alex McDade. Wood fell back into the 3rd place battle with Teddy Wilson and Zac Robertson, and eventually slumping to 7th. Wilson took 3rd ahead of Robertson. At the front Edgar just managed to hold McDade off to the chequered flag despite a lot of pressure whilst McDade made a new lap record.

The Junior TKM B Final was won by Arran Mills from Matthew Graham. In the A Final Alex Forward enjoyed a lights to flag victory, despite being pushed hard by Shea Pearce throughout. Suzanne Gutzold hung onto both of them but never quite close enough to make a challenge. James Clarke was a lonely 4th whilst the local Joseph Reeves-Smith became embroiled in a huge battle for 5th, coming out ahead of Kieran Carr. TKM Extreme was led off by Simon Vercoe but a queue soon formed behind, Ashley Jones running 2nd. Matt Davies SKRC RACE REVIEW leapfrogged them both, but Vercoe immediately recovered the lead. Next to go in front was Tom Owen with Vercoe falling to 3rd. However Vercoe regrouped and picked off his two rivals for the win, Owen a splendid 2nd ahead of James Ogden.

The largest ever grid of the economy senior TKM Clubman had 33 entrants, and it was Josh Waring and fellow ARC driver Colin Morris who fought for the win, Waring prevailing. Kyle Morby fell out of 3rd place to the back whilst his Banbury compatriot Andre Marot held on for 7th. That left the way clear for Mark Waring to had the 3rd place battle over Daniel Mense and Tom Longfield. Jack Constable was yet another driver never headed, this time in the Rotax Max class, chased by Myles Potter and Josh Pooley. Scott Allen was out again continuing to develop his new kart for the British Championships, now in its final form, but despite winning both his heats he found that Dan Kelly had more pace in the final and had to settle for 2nd. He still won the Winter Series though. Some way behind this pair, Jamie Garvie and Will van Es traded 3rd, finishing in that order. The other Allen brother, Ross, swiftly moved into the lead of the 250 National class but his bumper fell off and he received the black flag. Not seeing it, he carried on and was excluded from the meeting, gifting Alex Burrows the win over Richard Morris.

Winter Series Winners:
Comer Cadet: Charly Field
Honda Cadet: Alex Eades
IAME Cadet: Joe Turney
Minimax: Keiran Wragg
Junior Rotax: Jordan Richards
Junior TKM: Shea Pearce
Senior Rotax: Dean Hale
TKM Extreme: Ashley Jones
TKM Clubman: Josh Waring
KZ2: Scott Allen 250
National: Alex Burrows