Teeside Endurance Race Report

2014 Teesside Endurance Series, Round 1, 15 March
Word is spreading and another good grid turned out. Just five GX160s against the GX200s

1Race Start
After 5 min 23 POT Racing (Tristram Oman) had taken the lead, 13 Red Racing had dropped to 8th. 55 RYDAN had moved up and 66 GKD had moved down. The times were getting quicker and quicker as tyres warmed up and adrenalin flowed through their systems. 16 Boyes Lane (Stacey Metcalf) leading from 53 SB Services and 177 Cadet Pete in the GX160 class. 113 Lard Ass ( Ben Fallon), 23 POT Racing (Tristram Oman) and 44 McDonalds (Sam Tugwell) were inseparable and would stay like this until the very last lap. 79 LZ Racing and 65 Team Wolfy were also close together for much of the race.

Once all the re-fuelling was out the way we could settle on who was doing well and who wasn’t. A few karts were doing the race solo. 113 Lard Ass ( Ben Fallon), 23 POT Racing (Tristram Oman), 115 Team Keane 1 (Danny Keane), 15 Team Keane 2 ( Rob Stanway). At 1hr 44min 113 Lard Ass ( Ben Fallon) had pulled out a 34 sec lead from 44 McDonalds (Mick McDonald) and 23POT Racing (Tristram Oman) who were separated by 3 sec. 55 RYDAN was falling down the leader board as they sometimes were lapping at 1min 35 sec and yet appeared to be maintaining track position. It turned out their transponder was missing “hits” and only registering a double length lap. 15 Team Keene 2 (Rob Stanway) came in near the end with a stripped clutch which ended the proceedings for Rob. In GX160 a new leader as 17 ROCH Valley was now in front of 16 Boyes Lane (Kieron Smith) and 53 SB Services ( Stephen Ball) had moved up to 3rd. The difference in lap time between the Extemes and 160’s seemed to be just better than 2 sec. 113 Lard Ass (Ben Fallon) drove a master class to win at the end. 23 POT Racing (Tristram Oman) came second and 44 McDonalds (Sam Tugwell) third. 55 Rydan made great strides as they finished 4th.

Extreme : 1. 113 Lard Ass (Ben Fallon) 2. 23 POT Racing (Tristram Oman) 3. 44 McDonalds (Sam Tugwell, Connor Lucas)
GX160 1. 16 Boyes Lane (Stacey Metcalf, Kieron Smith) 2. 17 ROCH Valley 3. 53 SB Services ( Mark Allendon , Stephen Ball)


2014 Teesside Sprint, Round 1, 16th March
28 karts graced the grid for the opening round of the Teeside Sprint Championship

219 Prokarts and 9 Cadets presented themselves for racing. As well as being very competitively priced, the friendliness and willingness to co-operate is growing the grids. Teesside are “twinning” an Endurance the previous Saturday evening with the Sprints on the Sunday , since you can use the same kit for each then you can have a monster racing weekend.

The weather was unseasonably warm for March and the mixture of Honda, IAME and Comer karts started off with Practise, Timed Qualifying before their 4 heats and a Final. 46 Mia Cooper , 23 Isaac Smith, 88 Alicia Goundry and 65 Jay Mills occupied the front 4 positions all day except when 43 Lewis Meek, 89 Dan Kell and 77 Tilly Goundry joined the party. In the Final ,Jay managed to hold off Alicia with only a half second between them and Isaac a further 7 sec behind.

IAME 1. 65 Jay Mills 2. 88 Alicia Goundry 3. 77 Tilly Goundry
Honda 1. 23 Isaac Smith 2. 43 Lewis Meek 3. 46 Mia Cooper
Comer 89 Dan Kell

The programme gives 15 laps for Practise and Timed Qualifying, 48 laps for the heats and a further 15 laps in the Final for your £35. 9 Extremes and 10 x GX160 lined up for qualifying. Throughout the day 15 Dan Willars (in Extreme) just had enough to hold off 36 Gary Witherington. 29 Andy Boucher and 27 Dave Boucher finished 3rd and 4th in the Final but split the front two in the heats. 25 Stacey Metcalfe was the leading GX160 four seconds in front of the 2nd placed 77 Josh Falcus and 3rd placed 16 Kieron Smith.

Extreme 1. 15 Dan Willars 47.316s 2. 36 Gary Witherington 47.174s 3.29 Andy Boucher 47.323s.
GX160 1.25 Stacey Metcalfe 48.85s 2. 77 Josh Falcus 49.07s 3. 16 Kieron Smith 49.10s

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