TW Steel DMAX Heats Championship Round 10 Report

Light Heat 1

The first light heat of the day was started off with Pughe and Leslie on the front row, with a good start from both, and Cobb holding on for 3rd. At T5 Leslie made a move up the inside for the lead. Khan did well to pressurise the drivers ahead and tried to make a move around the outside of 7. The move worked and he moved up to 2nd. Cobb was unlucky as too many karts tried to turn into T10 at the same time, getting spun around and dropping to last. O’Shaughnessy made quick work of the rest of the pack and moved through to 3rd position, Craft losing out at T6 dropping from 4th to 6th on lap 2. However he quickly made those positions back, while coming under pressure from Cameron Noble and Nat Thomas.

Khan set a 1:27.161 in his pursuit of Leslie as the 2 broke away from the pack, he pulled right onto the back of Leslie as they crossed the line for the 3rd time, O’Shaughnessy and Craft had also pulled out a gap on the drivers behind, but were glued together on track themselves. Khan then made a fantastic pass on Leslie on the inside of T5, getting a better exit and pulling away into T6. Noble and Pughe were also jostling for 5th position, with Noble holding track position well.

That was how it finished, with Khan producing a dominant display, leading in Leslie, with O’Shaughnessy 3rd, and Craft and Noble rounding of the top 5.

Light Heat 2

On the warm-up lap, Ben Leslie lost control and had to drop to the back of the grid for the heat start. It was Elmanis and Butler who led the field away, Butler got held out on the outside, with Bees making a great move and straight into the lead, Elmanis keeping the pressure on around 5. Craft also made a good start along with Sam Hampshire, with both moving through to 2nd and 3rd, but Elmanis kept the pressure on in 4th.

Things then got extremely messy at the end of lap 2, with not enough tarmac for the karts heading into T9, with Butler losing out the most, ending up facing the wrong way at the back of the pack. At the front, Craft, Bees and Khan were escaping at the front. Leslie also got through cleanly, with Hampshire holding off the rest of the pack behind, all of whom were warned for too much contact. Bees and Khan touched as they battled for 2nd, with Khan eventually making a move stick on the exit of T7, his attention then turned to Craft ahead, getting a great run out of the final corner, only to be run wide by Craft, but bravely holding his foot in and making the move stick around the outside into T2.

From there he brought it home for the win, with Craft holding onto 2nd. Leslie did well to pass Bees for 3rd, with Noble passing O’Shaughnessy and Hampshire to bring it home in 5th

Light Heat 3

Michael Tillett started on pole, with O’Shaughnessy 2nd, having won the heats at his last visit to Daytona MK. O’Shaughnessy made a great start, looking like he’dmoved into 1st , only for Tillett to come back at him into T2. Moody moved up to 3rd, with Noble and Khan both making charges through the field. Noble overcooked it into T10 and Manton made it through. Khan continued his fantastic afternoon with a move into 5th, Manton tried to keep the pressure on Moody, only to lose position to Khan and then be passed by Craft, who also started at the back of the grid.

The top 3 were off up the road with O’Shaughnessy and Tillett swapping the lead twice at the end of lap 3, Tillett ending up somehow in front having carried more speed around the outside of T1. Khan was using the battles ahead to catch up with the leading 3.

O’Shaughnessy made a great move stick up the inside of T11, while Khan set a new fastest lap in pursuit, 1:24.886. Khan was all over the back of Tillett and straight through at T10. Unbelievably he was almost 2 seconds quicker than the leader. O’Shaughnessy showed some fantastic defensive driving holding off Khan’s advances to bring home the win. Khan 2nd, Tillett 3rd, Craft making it through to 4th, and Noble ending up in 5th.

Light Podium


Light Final

Kameron Khan started on pole from Max O’Shaughnessy in 2nd. The young pair finishing off a fantastic season from the them both at the front of the pack. And they led the field through the first few corners, with Craft moving passed Leslie for 3rd. Matthew Bees received a black flag for contact at T7. O’Shaughnessy waspressuring Khan at the front, the duel allowing Craft to at h up for a 3 way battle for the lead.

Noble moved passed Leslie for 4th while Butler set a fastest lap down in 8th. Bees’ decided to retire upon receiving his penalty. O’Shaughnessy reeled Khan back in, but some robust defensive driving held O’Shaughnessy round the outside of 7, the 3 were near enough side-by-side into the last section of corners, all 3 doing well to keep it together despite Khan running wide out of T1. Butler was up to 6th and showed that he did have the pace on the day in the drying conditions. O’Shaughnessy made a great move past Khan across the start line after 7 laps. At the same time, Leslie made a great move passed Craft and Noble for 3rd, with Craft somehow holding off Noble on the exit of the 1st corner.

An exhilarating final 2 laps, with multiple changes of positions, ended with the 2 side-by-side across the line with just 0.052 seconds between them. Khan pipped it at the line. Leslie finished 3rd, from Craft, with Butler doing well to take 5th.


Inter Heat 1

It was Coppin who led away the first inter heat, with Purton alongside him on the front row and Championship Leader Lee Hollywood wedged behind them. And it was Hollywood who made the strongest start with Purton caught napping in 2nd. Luke Cousins was holding off Trundley in 3rd as the 2 Championship contenders were once again acting like magnets to each other on circuit. Xander Mahony showed his true pace for the day, making a move on Purton at T7 to try and move into 5th, Purton doing well to hold him off until the 1st corner of lap 3, when he finally made a move stick. Hollywood tried to go defensive, but to no avail, as Cousins moved passed him at T5, with Trundley following him through on the exit of T7.

Coppin was seemingly lost in the distance at the front of the pack, with Cousins doing his best to chase the leader down. The title rivals were locked together battling for 3rd, however Trundley seemed to be dropping Hollywood, who began to come under serious pressure from Mahony in 5th.  Mahony was trying everything as they began their final lap. Coppin won the heat at a canter, with Cousins, setting a new fastest lap in the process, a comfortable 2nd, Trundley came home in 3rd, with Hollywood 4th and Alcock making a late move on Mahony to take 5th.

Inter Heat 2

Richard Lacey led the pack away with Alcock alongside him on the front row. Lacey held the lead and led the pack through, with Alcock doing the same. Further back, Mahony ran wide, allowing Trundley through into 5th, with Hollywood next ahead in 4th.

The front 5 were moving away from the rest of the pack. Alcock and Cousins touched at T10 on lap 2, which allowed Hollywood through and held Trundley behind. Coppin, having made his way through the back markers, made a great move on Trundley into 9, with Alcock back to 6th, Trundley 5th and Coppin 4th. Hollywood was a man on a mission, hunting down the lead driver and setting a new fastest lap in the process, a 1:27/079. He then made a fantastic move, switching back to pass him on the exit of 5.

Trundley made a great move on Coppin for 4th, while Cousins set a fastest lap of his own and also moved passed Lacey, moving up into 2nd in pursuit of Hollywood. But he didn’t have enough time, and it was a big win for Hollywood, with Cousins 2nd from Lacey in 3rd, Trundley held Coppin behind him to secure 4th.

Inter Heat 3

Andy Stobart and Ollie Kemp led the pack away for the final Inters heat, with Trundley and Mahony behind in 3rd. Trundley made a great start, almost up in to 1st by T2, with the move finally being made at T5. Hollywood started dead last but was already up to 6th by the end of the 1st lap, only to spin his kart at 3 having taken too much kerb, losing him 5 positions. Trundley was leading from Mahony at the other end of the field. Coppin then made a move on Mahony for 2nd, but rather than trying to take it back, Mahony was looking over his shoulder at Cousins.

Lacey was dragging Hollywood back through the field, moving into 8th and 9th respectively as they finished their 2nd lap. Lacey made contact with Alcock and let him back through, all of which allowed Hollywood passed for 7th. Trundley was comfortably off at the front, setting consecutive fastest laps as the track continued to speed up – a 1:23.584 his latest.

Behind him Coppin looked secure until Cousins passed Mahony and began to apply the pressure to the 2nd place man. Hollywood made 2 more passes on the penultimate lap to move through to 7th.  Trundley came home for the win, with Coppin holding off Cousins, Mahony 3rd and a good recovery drive from Hollywood to secure a big 5th place in terms of the Championship.

Inter Podium


Inter Final

On the warm-up lap Mahony span his kart, with Coppin leading the pack from Trundley. Hollywood was starting in 4th, well aware that 8th or better secured the title.

Coppin ran wide out of the 1st corner, with Trundley trying to get through but struggling. Hollywood made a great start and made a fantastic move on Trundley round the outside of T6.

Hollywood and Coppin then made contact at T9, which was deemed fair, but allowed Trundley through into first as the rest of the pack battled behind. As they crossed the line for the 3rd time, Hollywood ran wide trying to push for the win and spun, dropping him down to 7th as the leaders raced off. But a fantastic recovery lap got him passed Alcock, Mahony and Lacey to get back up to 4th position.



Heavy Heat 1

That was how it finished, with Trundley storming home for the win, Cousins making a fantastic move on the last corner of the race to secure 2nd from Coppin. Hollywood came home in 4th to secure the Championship, with Alcock finishing 5th, and with the fastest lap of the day, a 1:18.797.

The first heat was led away by Andy Barr and Tom Pughe, the 2 drivers did well to hold onto the top spots, but it was Chris Carter who made the best start, going from 5th to 3rd with a great move up the inside of Zaustowicz into turn 2, he then went on to make light work of Barr as he moved into 2nd.

Zaustowicz followed him through into 3rd with a move up the inside into T. Pughe’s ka t ut out, making a mistake out of 4, and he held his foot on the break, so lost time as he struggled to get it going again, this allowed Carter through into the lead. Zaustowicz moved into 2nd, with Munro up into 3rd and pressuring the title contenders. Witney was back in 5th having passed Sienko, doing well to hold onto the coat-tails of the top 4.

Carter began pumping in consecutive fastest laps, a 1:28.379 on lap 4 extending his lead to 7 seconds. Witney then passed Barr for P4 at T4 as they entered their final lap. Carter brought it home for a comfortable victory, with Zaustowicz 2nd from Munro in 3rd, Witney consolidated 4th with Barr holding on for 5th.

Heavy Heat 2

Chris Munro and Lee Meayers made up the front row of the 2nd heavy heat, with Sienko making a good start, moving up into 3rd, Pughe also got a great start and made it up into 2nd. In the jostling behind, it was again Zaustowicz and Carter who made the early gains, battling up to 4th and 5th respectively. In the early stages of lap 2, Carter got a great run out of 5 to pass Zaustowicz, only for Zaustowicz to get the switchback done at T9. At T5 Pughe made a move on Munro which gave him the lead, Sienko still holding onto 3rd as the title battle raged behind him for 4th.

Further back it was Witney who had moved through the pace of those above the back markers and up into 6th, but he had little answer to those ahead.

Zaustowicz and Carter made contact at T1 with Carter lucky not to spin the Championship leader, only to make a move stick going into t6, again they were extremely close as Zaustowicz ran wide at T9 trying to make a move back through. At the front, Pughe was continuing his great form, setting a fastest lap 1:27.367 the 5th time around. Witney lost control on the final lap, but avoided losing any spaces. Pughe took the win from Munro in 2nd, Sienko, Carter and Zaustowicz 3rd 4th and 5th.

 Heavy Heat 3

It was Lee Witney leading the pack away for heat 3, with Carter, having had a last minute kart swap in the pit lane, alongside him in 2nd. Those 2 got away cleanly, however there was an incident at the 2nd corner with Richard Newton earning himself a stop-go penalty for causing a collision.

Carter then made a great move on Witney into T5, which gave him the lead, and left Zaustowicz struggling back in 5th. Munro kept himself pointing in the right direction, and found himself in 3rd position, behind that Zaustowicz had moved up to 4th passed Purtak. Meayers and Barr then came together at T7, both losing positions as a result.

Pughe set a fastest lap as he moved up to 5th, a 1:27.411, following that the next lap with a 1:25.688 as he began to catch Zaustowicz, who was struggling to make inroads into the gap with Munro in 3rd.  Carter brought it comfortably home, with Witney in 2nd. Munro 3rd and Pughe setting another fastest lap (1:25.543) – a massive 2 seconds quicker than anyone else, making a huge move on Zaustowicz who finished in 5th.

Heavy Podium

Heavy Final

Chris Carter started on pole for the Heavy final following some strong results in the heats, all he required for the Championship was to beat Zaustowicz back in 5th. Munro was alongside him in 2nd. Zaustowicz made a position up at T2, moving into 4th, but Carter led the pack away from Pughe who was once again setting the pace. Munro held 3rd from Zaustowicz who had Sienko for company.

Pughe was all over the back of Carter as they moved into their 3rd lap, setting a 1:25.394 to close the gap to under 2 tenths. Zaustowicz was making little impression on Munro who was fairly comfortable in 3rd. Sienko was 5th from Witney who had lost positions on the 1st lap. Purtak, Barr, Newton and Meayers rounded off the field. The pressure told with Zaustowicz, who ran wide off the circuit at T2 and lost position to drop back to 5th, with Sienko moving through.

Carter at the front pumped in a 1:23.298, the fastest heavy lap time of the day, quickly followed by a 1:22.845 for Pughe. Carter went faster again on the penultimate lap, but Pughe stuck with him, and overtook to win the race. Carter who came home to win the championship, pipped by less than 5 hundredths at the line.

The 2016 Awards Night takes place in the Pavilion at Daytona Milton Keynes on Saturday 3rd December. If you would like more information about the Awards Night or about The Daytona DMAX 2017 Championships Series, then please call Mark on 033 033 278 70.