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Whilton Mill KC Club Championship, Round 1, 25th Jan 2015

The ‘home of karting’ returns with it’s old name restored. 200 drivers entered and Heats points now count towards the Championship. Game on! Honda Cadet A Final It was a fairly clean start for all involved, at the front we were left with a breakaway group of 3, which contained pole man Laws, Stevenson and Lloyd. Behind Short and Cunnington pushed
on quickly finding themselves behind the lead pair of Laws
and Lloyd. The last lap was nothing short of exciting with Lloyd defending for all his worth. With just the boot to go Cunnington was clearly thinking about the leader and forgot about Short in 3rd. Cunnington left the door open to Short who snatched 2nd from him this left Lloyd taking a close, but well deserved victory! Iame Cadet A Final Pole Man Hanafin did everything right at the start to hold onto his lead with Taylor behind. Despite passing Hanafin, Taylor could not break away at the front and it looked like the pair were set
to become a trio with Edgar setting some stonking laps. By lap 7 Edgar took the lead, but could not pull away! As we started the last lap half a second covered the top 4 and it was anyone’s race to win, Edgar who lead, defended for all his worth and took the win with Martland gaining two places to finish 2nd. Taylor finished 3rd.

Mini Max A Final Pole man Jewiss quickly gave himself some breathing space
from Collard who had McDade, McCarthy and Porter for close company. On lap two the grip on the track disappeared and leader Jewiss spun, followed into the grass by a number of drivers. The man who benefited from it all was Collard who now found himself leading. Jewiss quickly recovered to get back into 3rd in the space of just a few laps before he put the hammer down catching Butterfield in 2nd passing him a lap later. Collard in the end took the victory from Jewiss with Charpentier taking 3rd.

Junior Rotax A Final It was an eventful start to the race with a handful of drivers coming off at the first three corners, pole man Hoggard lead from Cudlipp and Drury. Hoggard had been untroubled all race but that was about to change as he had quickest man on track McCarthy behind. With two laps to go Hoggard was passed by McCarthy and Brown-Nutley who had been working together marvellously. The top six all defended on the last lap and it was hard to pick a winner, however McCarthy was not going to be beaten and won the race gaining 20 places! Brown-Nutley finished 2nd with Hoggard 3rd.

Junior X30 A Final Pole man Bradshaw made no mistakes at the start holding his own, Mills was 2nd with Fender 3rd. It wasn’t long before the
top 3 found themselves spread out with Bradshaw looking the slowest out of the three. After driving faultlessly for 8 laps Fender lay in 2nd and was still in with a chance of victory but on lap 9 he ran wide coming out of turn 2 dropping him back to 5th with Bradshaw, Hanson and Platten the beneficiaries. In the end it was Mills who took the victory, Bradshaw just managed to hold onto 2nd with Hanson 3rd.

Rotax Max A Final It was a very close start with King taking the lead, closely followed by pole man Gifford, Pett and Smelt. With the top four jostling for position Price started to catch and with 7 laps gone he hit the front, with Smelt 2nd. The two pulled away as the group behind continued to battle. Two laps later King managed to detach himself into 3rd. On the penultimate lap Price left the door open at turn 6, which allowed Smelt to take the lead and bag himself the victory by just 0.05 seconds! King finished a close 3rd.

Senior X30 A Final Pole Man Stilp made no mistakes at the start and quickly gave himself some breathing space with Flynn the best of the rest. The changing behind started almost immediately, Rudge was passed by Rees-Reynolds, with Ayres passing Flynn for 2nd. Lap 10 saw an incident in the battle for 2nd, which mixed things up dramatically, it involved Ayres, Rees-Reynolds and Wykes and it left Maylon saying thank you very much and inheriting 2nd. As we started the last lap Stilp was still a country mile ahead winning by 6.4 seconds!

Maylon held onto 2nd wi F100 First round of the F100 Winter Cup. 17-18th Jan 2015 Ma Martin Bitterly cold conditions couldn’t stop 11 competitors taking part in the first round of the F100 ‘90s Winter Cup. For many of them, it was their first time out in F100, the series being under a year old. Many kart restorations have been taking place over the winter and this was the first opportunity to get involved. Apart from Oliver Scullion’s no-pod 1981 tecno, you could be mistaken for thinking these were brand new karts that had just rolled off the production line, not 15+ year old frames. But once they fired up, you couldn’t mistake they were a lile bit different to their newer cousins, in a good way. Heat One The weather looked as though it would spoil the party just before the first heat, with a mist descending on the circuit, dampening the track and making visibility far from ideal. Devinder Athwal and Oliver Scullion opted for slicks, the rest chose wets, and within a lap it was obvious that slicks was too optimistic. The rest of wets charged off with local man Chris Tro seing a blistering pace on his Wright/ Vortex. Tro wasn’t going to be caught, but Steve Stapley (TonyKart/ Rotax) and Aaran Stroud (Zip/Parilla) had a good bale in second, Stroud finally coming home 1 second ahead of Stapley.

Heat Two A drying track with many damp areas. All chose slicks except Garth Nicolai (Swiss Hutless/Rotax) who opted for wets. Nicolai held the lead for a couple of laps before the slicks started to warm up and find their way. First to get past was Scullion (Tecno/ Parilla), who managed to pull a substantial lead in the next couple of laps. Tro them made it past Nicolai into second and set about catching Scullion, running out of laps and finishing only 1 second adri at the flag. Oliver Smith (Tony/PCR) managed 3rd place ahead of Stapley and with Gareth Williams (TonyKart/Ital Sistem) close behind him. Heat Three This heat saw some excellent racing not only at the sharp
end but further down as well. Tro and Scullion traded places
a couple of times at the front during the first few laps before Scullion had an electrical spade come off of the coil, and meant he then drove one handed holding the wire on for the rest of the race. This dropped him back into the clutches of Smith
and Stapley, the three finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th with only one second covering all three! Stroud and Williams were a bit further back, and then there was Elliot Taylor (Fullerton/Rotax) and Nicolai having an excellent scrap. Aer the race laughter and a lot of catching of breath could be heard in the weigh in area. Final Tro on pole, Stapley on grid 2.

Tro had changed motors from his Vortex to his Rotax Rotary that he fondly calls Ennio. He looked like he meant business. As the lights went green, Tro made a good getaway, with Scullion following him closely into the first bend. Stapley had no choice
but to keep to the outside and ran wide over the unforgiving exit kerb, which dropped him down to the back of the field. Scullion
did his best to go with Tro, but a gap started to appear and Tro looked in control, banging in lap times that were quickest of the day, and interestingly 6 tenths quicker than the quickest Rotax Max times too. Stroud and Smith followed Scullion, with Stapley on a charge. There was a good bale for second place shaping up but the onlookers were robbed of it as on lap four Scullion’s exhaust manifold worked loose, he was out. A lap later and Stroud was out too, engine gremlins. Smith was now into second, but Stapley found a way past and that’s how they finished. Gareth Williams claiming a lonely fourth, but a few seconds behind him there was pliantly going on. Ma Martin (TonyKart Ital Sistem) had had a terrible day and not finished a heat. Teething problems with untested kit was to blame, but in the final he was doing well, geing past Nicolai and hassling Tailor. But it was not to be, outbraking himself, and instead of hiing Tailor, puing himself off to avoid him. Nicolai then caught and passed a knackered Tailor for 5th.

Next F100 Round: Round 2 of the Winter Cup – Clay Pigeon – Test Day Friday 20th Feb – Race Day Saturday 21st Feb.