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YOUNG ‘UNS – A Look At Today’s Bambino Scene

A few years ago, Mini-bikes for kids were all the rage. If my own area is anything to go by, I’d guess that sales throughout Britain must have been well into six figures. It isn’t difficult to see the reason behind their sudden popularity. Most were made in China using cheap labour that allowed them to be retailed over here ... Read More »

Bambino racing achieves MSA status

Promoters of the newly launched MSA Bambino Kart Championship are keen for the series to be the safest and most reliable form of competition for youngsters ahead of a move up the ladder to MSA Cadet racing. Bambino is open to drivers aged between six and eight years old and will run to a time trial format rather than competitive ... Read More »

Colin Wright – A year progress or setbacks?

A year progress or setbacks? Well, with the AGM of the ABkC coming upon us it’s a time to reflect upon 2014 and look into what will happen in 2015. Colin Wright Has 2014 been successful? In some ways Yes, in some No. License holders will again show a decline, Easykart has chosen to go away from MSA regulations, we ... Read More »


As I write this column, my television screen is showing shocking images of looting in some of Britain’s major cities. It took politicians completely by surprise, with just about every government minister relaxing on holiday. At one stage the most senior person at Westminster available to handle this situation was Lynne Featherstone, a Lib Dem MP who would be unrecognisable ... Read More »


“There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.” (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar). There’s a lot of discussion taking place amongst parents of Bambino drivers right now. It’s focused mainly on motors that are allegedly “illegal”. There’s even ... Read More »