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A look at the Wombwell circuit

They were about to start the most important race of their lives. Cameras flashed in unison and members of the world’s press made hasty notes. 10 seconds later it was all over and Wilma Rudolph from Tennessee had established her place in history as the world’s fastest woman. The venue was Rome 46 years ago. Rudolph had just won her ... Read More »

What price can be placed on an MSA British crown?

The answer, apparently, is “not very much!” At one time entrants in every recognised class could compete for this honour. Today, apart from 250cc Superkarts run on full size motor racing circuits, only winners of the S1 championships in IAME Cadets or KZ1 can legitimately claim to be MSA British Champions. You might think that such a restriction would make ... Read More »

The Cadet Karting Column: September 2013

Written By: Dave Bewley comments@kartingmagazine.com Karting at the top level has never been exactly cheap, but for some parents it might be about to get a bit more expensive. Starting from next month, school heads will no longer be able to use their discretion in allowing children time off school. Fines of £60 will be levied against parents whose kids ... Read More »

The Cadet Karting Column: August 2013

Written By: Dave Bewley As an 8 year-old I would often do some “number spotting”. Like just about every youngster in Britain at that time, my friends and I would sit on a wall for several hours writing down car number plates in our little notebooks. The more serious spotters amongst us would also note the car model and categorise ... Read More »

The Cadet Karting Column: July 2013

Written By: Dave Bewley Many readers will already be familiar with the story of a railway clerk from Stevenage who bought his six-year-old son a secondhand kart for Christmas. What followed some years later was an association with McLaren that would eventually produce F1’s first ever world champion of mixed race. By taking on several additional part time jobs, including ... Read More »

The Cadet Karting Column: June 2013

Written By: Dave Bewley comments@kartingmagazine.com “The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” so wrote Samuel Langhorne Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain. I was reminded of this quote whilst recently visiting the Three Sisters circuit where a sizeable grid of Comers had been amassed. A significant number of Comer entrants at this meeting had no doubt turned up ... Read More »

The Cadet Karting Column: May 2013

Written By: Dave Bewley More than half a millennium has elapsed since Richard III became the last English king to die in battle, yet he is still causing great controversy. After his skeletal remains were formally verified in February this year, it’s become a bone of contention between the people of Leicester and York as to which city has a ... Read More »